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Java server-side monitoring scheme (Ganglia Nagios Java chapter)

find the problem completely.Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved by customizing the extension. I found a ganglia multidisk extension on the internet and made a little improvement on my own. The relevant documents are in this gist.Put the multidisk.py file under/usr/local/lib64/ganglia/python_modules (create the directory if it doesn't exist), and put the multidisk.pyconf configuration file in/usr/local/ ETC/CONF.D, restart Gmond.The configuration file can be added to the partition as

About O & M monitoring Selection and Design Ideas

. cacti Cacti is a set of graphic analysis tools for network traffic monitoring developed based on PHP, MySQL, SNMP, and rrdtool.Simply put, cacti is a PHP program. It uses the SNMP protocol to obtain remote network devices and related information (in fact, it is obtained by using the snmpget and snmpwalk commands of the net-snmp Software Package), plot it using the rrdtool, and display it through the PHP program. We can use it to show the status or p

ITIL-based scom monitoring Best Practices

in as an scom installation administrator, you will find that you can see all views and all functions. There is nothing to say, the largest administrator, so what about other people, if the first-line Monitoring Group needs to log on to the scom console, with what permissions, what accounts are logged in? Do I log on with the maximum permissions of administrator and scom? Don't worry ··· We do not recommend that you log on to the scom console using ad

Construction of database monitoring System (I.)

Database Sequence Usage alerts Daily 9 o'clock in the morning Monitoring Sequence Usage cleanup 4 Oracle database connection Number Exception alarm 10 minutes Monitoring database connection Number conditions 5 Oracle Database tablespace Usage Alerts 20 minutes Monitoring database table Space usa

The open source platform of operation and maintenance tool big treasure

performance only available in the paid version.Hyperic HQRecommended stars: ★★★☆☆Hyperic HQ is a Java-based Web infrastructure monitoring and management platform that provides visibility into the various technology stacks in the production environment. The key elements of the architecture are the HQ Server, which can be used for centralized management and persistent storage, and the HQ agent provides the basis for

Security 04:nagios monitoring combat, monitoring overview, Nagios monitoring Services

configuration file.Display Pending status indicates that data is being obtained for the monitored resource+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++B. Configuring the Nagios Monitoring Server1 Description of the configuration file#cd/usr/local/ngaios/etc#lsNagios.cfg main profile//ngios files loaded at startupCfg_file=/usr/local/nagios/etc/objects/commands.cfgCfg_file=/usr/local/nagios/etc/objects/contacts.cfgCfg_file=/usr/local/nagios/etc/objects/timep

Installation and configuration of Nagios monitoring linux+windows under Linux

Introduction of Nagios Nagios is an open source computer system and network monitoring tool, can effectively monitor Windows, Linux and UNIX host State, switch routers and other network settings, printers and so on. When the system or service status is abnormal, send an email or SMS alert the first time to notify the site operators, in the state of recovery after the normal mail or SMS notification. Nagio

Slime: Learning Nagios (ii): Nagios configuration

website. As follows: Http://nagios.sourceforge.net/docs/nagioscore/4/en/toc.html Of course, you can also view the NAGIOC Chinese version of the connection, as follows: Http://nagios-cn.sourceforge.net/nagios-cn/advance.html 5.5 commands.cfg Document Introduction Commands.cfg is the definition file for the Nagios Monitoring command, which is present by default and can be used without modification. Of course, if you have a new command to join, just a

Mud: Learning Nagios (2): Nagios configuration, mud nagios

Mud: Learning Nagios (2): Nagios configuration, mud nagios This document consistsXiuyi Lin FengProviding friendship sponsorship, first launchedThe world After nagios is installed, configure nagios now. For more information about nagios installation, see the article "mud: Learning Nagios (1): Nagios installation. (In order to keep nagios version, we are using the nagios latest version of nagios-4.1.0rc1. NOTE: For the latest nagios version, you can view its running PID on the web page. 1.

Video surveillance: giving you a pair of eyes

addressing and positioning The Network Multimedia Monitoring Management Platform uses dynamic domain name resolution technology. The front-end and client only need simple login operations. After authentication, the system can automatically complete the addressing and positioning functions for newly added devices, the monitoring system implements plug-and-play and unlimited scaling. 5. Effective use of priv

Dockone WeChat Share (107): SRE Engineering Practice--alarm based on time series stored data

. Google's SRE relies heavily on white-box monitoring. Several principles for setting alarmsNormally, we should not issue an alert just because "something seems to be a problem." The handling of the emergency alarm takes up the employee's valuable time, and if the employee is in the working time period, the handling of the alarm will interrupt his original work flow. If the employee is at home, the handl

Check your professional index: 2015 Ten test tools How many do you know?

help infiltrate testers and hackers. Burp Suite has two popular apps, called the Burp Suite Spider, that can enumerate and map the individual pages of a Web site and its parameters by monitoring cookies, initializing the connections to those web apps, and another called "Intruder", which can be automatically executed Web App attack. Similarly, if you are a cyber security researcher or are conducting penetration testing, burp Suite is also a must-lear

Several tools commonly used in security testing

The main features of these tools, as well as tutorials, books, videos, and more, are described below.Port Scanner: NmapNmap is the "Network Mapper" abbreviation, it is known that it is a very popular free open source Hack tool. Nmap is used to discover network and security audits. According to statistics, thousands of system administrators around the world use Nmap to discover networks, check open ports, manage service upgrade plans, and monitor the u

"Translator" Adrem software netcrunch 8 Reviews

Hara Nirmal SharmaOriginal article: from windowsnetworkingProduct: Netcrunch 8 (Chinese version released after Spring Festival 2015)Products page: www.adremsoft.cn/netcrunch/MediumShaoxingThere are many solutions for monitoring network servers and various operating systems, but most of them have limitations. For example, some solutions only monitor windows and a few specific devices, while others can monitor Windows and Linux systems, but need to inst

Hostmonitor is a powerful operation and maintenance management software

, user status or number, lock, listener status, and so on. More importantly, Hostmonitor is safe and stable, and by reasonable configuration, the resource consumption caused by her to your host or database is negligible. 2.6. Monitoring cycle adjustment of monitoring regulations of the monitoring cycle is very necessary, those 7*24, those who are more time-sensit

Perfmon-windows self-brought system monitoring tool

, and so on. For the system with high real-time requirement, the effective monitoring and management of system key indicators is an important means to ensure the high availability of the system, therefore, it is necessary to develop a clear and effective strategy planning, and to effectively monitor these performance indicators in real time. When the key performance indicators are seriously deviated or the system fails, effective means should be taken

Go Perfmon-windows self-brought system monitoring tool

utilization, CPU queue length, disk space and I/O, memory usage, network traffic, and so on. For the system with high real-time requirement, the effective monitoring and management of system key indicators is an important means to ensure the high availability of the system, therefore, it is necessary to develop a clear and effective strategy planning, and to effectively monitor these performance indicators in real time. When the key performance indic

Xiao Li-cloud monitoring methods for SMEs and entrepreneurial teams

integration. 2. Use commercial services Currently, the better monitoring products in China are cloudmonitor. you can apply for a free trial. In terms of network quality, cloudmonitor has global network quality monitoring: There are also domestic network quality monitoring: Cloudmonitor has its own fixed nodes. Unlike SmokePing, you also need to find IP address

Linux disk IO monitoring [ZZ]

be frequent alarm, and can not miss the phenomenon of longer duration, this example of the alarm mechanism is set to "a certain proportion of the time interval of the monitoring record exceeded the set disk utilization threshold is the alarm"4. LogTo keep disk I/O, analysis activities, alarm information and other raw information, easy to conduct problem analysis, positioning.Disk I/O analysis and alarm automatic scriptingCombining the above design id

Xiao Li-cloud monitoring methods for SMEs and entrepreneurial teams

can even monitor Docker virtual machines: Cloudhost monitoring of cloudmonitor is very simple for users. you can install the monitoring terminal with one click, and you will soon be able to figure it out. By default, it includes very comprehensive metrics. For example, the network quality is divided into the world and China: Performance indicators for CPU, memory, network, and disk usage include: You c

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