high gain directional antenna for wireless router

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Network DIY system to do wireless network gain antenna

When you are using a wireless network, you are sure to experience wireless network signal quality problems. To solve these problems, in addition to reducing the shielding, reduce the interference of the same band equipment, the most effective way is to replace the high gain antenna

What is the difference between a wireless router and a two or three antenna?

of the method of transmitting information. Other MIMO, in terms of the concept may be better understood, such as 2 transmitting antenna t1t2 respectively to two receiving antenna R1R2 launch, then the equivalent of two people working at the same time, speed up twice times and so on. However, it is very complicated and time-consuming to compute the hardware, on the one hand, we need multiple receiving ante

Is your network speed normal? The speed of the wireless router is high! (1)

For a long time, the speed of wireless networks is the focus of users when selecting wireless devices. Many netizens raised a lot of questions about wireless speed when using wireless networks. For example, "I am using a XX-brand wireless

Router load easy to use long password with high wireless cascade

dragging their tails. A few days later, I suddenly remembered that I was setting up a wireless router for them, the level of security involved is set very high, especially wireless encryption password, I used WPA2 encryption, password length 16, which have uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters a

Multi-function wireless router multi-device high price

The multi-functional wireless router meets your desire to use multiple machines. In addition, the cost-effectiveness of the multi-functional wireless router is also high. You can enjoy functions such as ADSL dialing and wired access at the price of a vro. We recommend that y

Tplink Wireless router How to set high strength password

The method of setting high strength password for Tplink wireless router 1, introduce the method of connecting the wireless router first, tool material: One, to prepare a wireless router

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