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Free space application and use tutorial for Hostinger in UK

On 51ONB, I saw this article about Hostinger's world-class free space which has now come to China. After a brief look, the configuration is very conscientious. The simplified Chinese interface is also very suitable for Chinese users to apply for use. As for speed, the free space is really fast enough. You can check out Uncle's test station. Hostinger, UK On 51ONB, I saw this article about Hostinger's world-class free space which has now come to China.

"Recommended" latest foreign free Space website Hostinger

The UK's largest free web hosting provider! Free Edition includes the following content:-MB of disk space-up to GB of bandwidth- support for PHP and MySQL-Easy-to-use website builder- automatic Software Installation (can be installed WordPress is,Joomla,PhpBB and more than one script) -Many short free subdomains to choose for your website-Located in the UK, Manchester Express server-Dedicated help and assistance!Highly Recommended!!!"Recom

How to register for free using a virtual host and a two-level domain name building station

for a while, feel very good, here to teach you how to register for free use virtual host and two level domain name to build the station.Tools/Materials Sina Weibo account (login use) Method/Step 1In order to avoid advertising suspicion, Web site in the text at the end of the resources provided, you can also search Baidu Hostinger. 2Open the Hostinger website and click on the Sina Weibo

How to build a knowledge management library

Today to introduce how to build a personal knowledge management library, the importance of the personal knowledge Management library is not to say more. Here's how to do this:You need to:1, a host space, support Php,mysql, here recommended Hostinger, this is an old host. 2, a FQ software, here recommended GTX6 acceleration, free, pay can be. Free 500M traffic, enough. 3, MediaWiki, the famous Wikipedia are used this system, download here, I deleted th

PHP free Space

Free php Space: is a free php space, not only 100% completely free and no ads, providing 2G physical space and 100GMysql spaceYou can install WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, PhpBB, Drupa and other applications in one click, or upload your own applicationA number of templates are also available to quickly build your own website, a space I stumbled uponAnd his head office 35 countries all o

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