how to browse anonymously chrome

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Fiddler Chrome Browser cannot browse the Web after startup solution

This problem out of the strange, has always been good, and today suddenly there will be a Chrome browser browsing the Web page failure, think of the Fiddler grab package software started, not the reason for it. So will fiddler capture traffic closed, again browse the Web page, this can succeed, it seems really fiddler problem Ah. Find a solution on the internet, said in the Tools-options-gateway tab under t

The chrome plug-in octotree allows you to provide a project directory like ide when you browse GitHub.

As a code hosting platform, GitHub does not provide a project directory, allowing you to quickly browse the project structure online. Therefore, the source code of the online analysis project becomes very cumbersome. You must click it one by one and then return it up again. You know, the visit to GitHub in China is already slow. The most helpless way is to download it to a local device and open it in the vs editor.Octotree, as a plug-in of

Using Google Chrome to browse the jquery mobile page requires configuring the Tomcat server

While browsing the jquery Mobile page, other browsers are OK except for the Chrome browser error;This is because the Tomcat service needs to be configured separately;1. Configure the Java JDK first;2. Download, install, configure, Tomcat server (go directly to the official website to download the zip version on OK, then \ Bin folder, you can find the Startup.bat file)Configuration:In the environment variable, addVariable name: catalina_homeVariable va

innerHTML in IE and FF, Chrome, opera browse under the HTML nominal name is not the same size

Today, when you get the option element in select and then convert the option character to an Li character through a regular expression, you can succeed in Chrome FF Opera, or the option character under IE.Use the alert () Pop-up box to print out the printed HTML element tag names in uppercase.That's how it's written:Optionsui = optionsui.replace (/(option)/g, "Li");After the changes are written like this:Optionsui = optionsui.replace (/(option)/gi, "L

JS Block browser refresh off, js listening browse off refresh compatible ie6+ Firefox Chrome

var unloadconfirm = {}; Unloadconfirm.msg_unload = "Data has not been saved and may cause data loss after leaving \ n Are you sure you want to leave?" ";Unloadconfirm.set = function (a) {window.onbeforeunload = function (b) {b = b | | window.event;B.returnvalue = A; Return a}};Unloadconfirm.clear = function () {Fckdraft.deldraftbyid (); Window.onbeforeunload = function () {}}; Unloadconfirm.set (Unloadconfirm.msg_unload); JS Block Browser refresh close, JS listening

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