how to correctly decode email attachment

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Delphi uses python to decode emails. Delphi uses python to decode emails.

 Delphi uses python to decode emails (reproduced) It is estimated that many people, like me, will not be able to handle many bugs when using Indy, and have to use and modify it. Recently, Indy has been used to send and receive emails, from D7 to d200

Use PHP to decode POP3 emails (2)

Introduction: This is a detailed page for PHP to implement POP3 mail decoding (2). It introduces PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0' src = 'HTTP: // biancheng.dnbc?info/pingjia.

Use PHP to decode POP3 emails (2)

MIME encoding method introduction Subject :? Gb2312? B? XOO6w6Oh? This is the subject of the email, but we cannot see what it is because of encoding. The original text is: Hello! Let's first look at the two MIME encoding methods. The initial reason

Using PHP to decode POP3 messages two _php tutorial

Introduction to MIME encoding method (Author: Chen Junqing October 24, 2000 15:09) Introduction to MIME encoding method Subject: =?gb2312? B?xoo6w6oh?= here is the subject of the mail, but because of the code, we do not see what the content, its

The reason of garbled and the removal method Daquan

When we browse the Web, open a document or mail, and run the software, we often see garbled characters, usually due to the source file encoding, Windows does not correctly identify the cause, or it may be other reasons. Garbled to bring us too much

How to implement Python mail delivery (Basic article)

Here's the main code: Initialize, define mail server Self. Imap_server= ' 'Self. imap_port=993Self. M = NoneSelf.responseSelf.mailboxes = []Login, select mailbox: Self. M = Imaplib. Imap4_ssl (self. Imap_server, self. Imap_porRC,

Base64 and quoted-printable encoding in Android mail

Tian haili @ csdn 2012-07-31   The mime (multipurposeinternet Mail Extensions) is used when an email is uploaded or transmitted over the network ). Mail transmission can only deliver US-ASCII characters, and other characters in the mail must be

Mime encoding (base64) and Its Significance

1. Mime: Multipurpose Internet Mail ExtensionsThe English Empire University's online computer dictionary foldoc interprets mime as: "multi-part, multimedia e-mail, and WWW hypertext encoding standard, it is used to transmit non-text data such as

MIME standard Introduction

Original post address:   Entry description[Edit this section ] Multi-purpose InternetMessage extension (MIME, Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is an internet standard that extends emailStandard to support non-

MIME type, Content-Type

 // Specify a stream that cannot be read by the client and must be downloaded.Response. contenttype = "application/X-msdownload ";   Mime The MIME type is the type used by an application to open a file with a certain extension. When a file with the

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