how to count visitors on website in html

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PHP statistics website/html page browse access Count program

; $CounterLastDay=$row[' Countertoday ']; $upd _sql= "Update mycounter set recorddate = '$RecordDate', Countertoday = '$CounterToday', Counterlastday = '$CounterLastDay' WHERE id =? ' "; mysql_query($upd _sql); } //get the data again $querysql= "SELECT * from ' mycounter ' WHERE id = '$id‘ "; $queryset=mysql_query($querysql); $Counter=$row[' Counter ']; $CounterToday=$row[' Countertoday ']; $CounterLastDay=$row[' Counterlastday ']; if($row=Mysql_fetch_array($queryset) ) {

Python crawlers count The total revenue generated by the demo Master website

Use Python crawlers to calculate the total revenue generated from the Demo Master website ...#!/usr/bin/envpython#coding:utf-8importrequestsimportjsonfrombs4import Beautifulsoupdefdemodashi (URL): response=requests.get (URL) html=response.texthtml=json.loads (HTML) totalpage=html[' Totalpage ']currentpage=

Use GoogleAnalytics to count mobile website traffic

Lt ;? PhpclassGoogleAnlayticsMobile {private $ __utma ;__ utmacookie records unique identity visitors private $__utma_c_time63072000; two years (two years by default) private $ __utmb; __utmbcookie records a user's Se... Use Google Analytics to count mobile website traffic Ga_utmac = $ ga_utmac; $ this-> ga_utmhn = $ ga_utmhn; $ this-> ga_hash = $ this-> Hash ($ ga_utmhn); $ this-> time = time (); // Ob

Deep optimization tips for improving Website access speed _ HTML/Xhtml _ webpage Creation

use static HTML pages if necessary As we all know, ASP, PHP, JSP and other programs realize dynamic interaction of web page information, which is indeed very convenient to run, because their data interaction is good, you can easily access and change the database content to make the website "dynamic", such as forums and message boards. However, such programs must first be processed by the server, generate

Php statistics website/html page browsing Visits Program-PHP source code

This article introduces some commonly used website statistics code written by php, and provides statistics code for viewing resources on databases and html static pages, for more information, see. This article introduces some commonly used website statistics code written by php, and provides statistics code for viewing resources on databases and

Simple website HTML file search program

search resultsFunction highlightkeyword ($ text, $ keyword, $ color = "# c60a00 "){$ Newword = "$ Text = str_replace ($ keyword, $ newword, $ text );Return $ text;} // Get the file size (KB)Function getfilesize ($ file){$ Filesize = intval (filesize ($ file)/1024). "K ";Return $ filesize;} // Obtain the last modification time of the objectFunction getfiletime ($ file){$ Filetime = date ("Y-m-d", filemtime ($ file ));Return $ filetime;} // Search all objects in the directoryFunction searchf

Website promotion--html Keyword code commentary

. You can try two ways to see which one is better for you.Keywords should not be repeated 3-6 times in the same form, generally this is considered to be the largest number of keyword repetitions (as if now has changed). So try to avoid repeating your keywords over and over again. This is spam (keyword Trash) for every search engine, and you will be punished for it. Most search engines will allow you to use up to 1000 characters in the keyword tag. In general, using related keywords for each page

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