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FAQs for in-app purchases (In-app Purchase)

Http:// document gives you answers to frequently asked questions about in-app purchases.Configuration (config)1. Do I have to upload a binary file to test in-app purchases?No, testing in-app purchases (In-

About In-app Purchase-in-app purchases

In-app purchases allow you to embed a store within your app by using Storekit.framework. This framework securely processes the user's orders in the application by connecting to the AppStore, prompting the user to authorize payment. Then notify your application and provide the product that the user has purchased. Use in-app

iOS in-app purchase development history Tutorial iOS IAP In-app Purchases

The following questions were tested in July 2014. There's no guarantee it's going to be different.1. Add app in itunes Connect, title//description/keyword cannot be changed, icon and package name can be changed. The app cannot be deleted after it is added.2. Add a product in In-app purchases, there are no 4 types of op

Some questions about Apple in-app purchases (IAP) and those pits

server in a normal state. So, the problem comes, we can't at this time or get the user information of a to place an order. If still according to the default state, at this time, the account information of B will be sent to our server together, so that the error, a buy things, did not get, B did not buy, but got. This is unreasonable. So, we have to send a payment request to the App Store, together with the order of the user information sent past, tha

IOS: Implementing Apple's in-app purchases

: (Skpaymenttransaction *) transaction{if(Transaction.error.code! =skerrorpaymentcancelled) {NSLog (@"Purchase failed"); }Else{NSLog (@"user cancels the transaction"); } //Remove Transaction purchase operation[[Skpaymentqueue Defaultqueue] finishtransaction:transaction];}//have purchased this product-(void) Restoretransaction: (Skpaymenttransaction *) transaction{//for purchased items, handle the logic to restore purchases//Remove Transaction purch

Troubleshoot iOS in-app purchases error: Invalidproductidentifiers

After writing the IAP business process, the click Test found that no successful product ID was returned, but returned an invalid product:response.invalidproductidentifiersThe following factors are considered in this case: The app ID you created is enabled with the IAP feature. The product information is configured to Iturn connect and arrives at the ready to Submit status. Create Test User in Iturn Connect and charge for mail activati

Basic steps and questions for iOS in-app purchases

, fill in the information, you must fill in the fill, click Submit for review, red on the fill, lazy, can be changed laterNext:,The author, corresponding to the online theft of a picture of othersConsumable items, addingAfter adding, began to write code, a lot of content shorthand, not detailed, the following is the note to copyIf this is not successful, check the following carefully: Did you open the app AppID feature in iOS Dev center In-

IOS in-app purchases (IAP)

Domestic Bank cnaps CODE Query is there only one type of free subscription when Itunesconnect creates an in-store item? is there only one type of free subscription when Itunesconnect creates an in-store item?Ali hundred Sichuan Dream Entrepreneurship competition, 5 million VC find the best appWhy is there only one type of free subscription when Itunesconnect creates an in-store item?T

"Book notes" ios-in-app purchases

The store kit framework is an in-app payment engine. With this framework, paid apps can realize the ability of users to pay for content (for example, to get extra content)If you find that the store kit framework is difficult to use and the in-app payments do not require server-side support, you might consider using the Mkstorekit framework developed by Mugunth Kumar, which is hosted on the GitHub website, T

"Book notes" ios-in-app purchases

One, general, purchase content includes content type, feature extension, service and subscription.Second, the test environment to build:Building a test environment is cumbersome and requires 2 tools to manage: The configuration portal for ITunes Connect and the iOS Dev Center.Third, the data structure submitted to the App store can only be a Nsset collection, and the elements in the collection are product identification strings.Four, Base64fordata, is

Enable full screen code for the APP by default, and full screen for the app by default

Enable full screen code for the APP by default, and full screen for the app by default 1 public void toggleFullscreen (boolean fullScreen) {2 // full screen when fullScreen is true; otherwise, the opposite is 3 4 WindowManager. layoutParams attrs = getWindow (). getAttributes (); 5 6 if (fullScreen) {7 attrs. flags | = WindowManager. layoutParams. FLAG_FULLSCREE

Enable the Administrator user and use the App Store in Windows 8

find a problem where the App Store is unavailable, in this case, all applications and some settings will be rejected. We use group policies to allow administrators to use the app store. I don't understand why MS sets the maximum administrator to be unavailable to the app store by default, it may be the new user security policy of the new system. Here, we enter g

Enable the app market in Android.

Enable the app market in Android. In many Android apps, many of them have a feature that scores us. You can click the feature to open the details page of the app in the app market.In fact, this function is very simple to implementOpen the application details page Try {Intent I = new Intent (Intent. ACTION_VIEW); I. se

How does one enable a layered boot animation for an iOS App ?, Iosapp

How does one enable a layered boot animation for an iOS App ?, IosappI. Why should I write this article? This is an old topic. Two years ago, Sina Weibo began to use multi-layer animations to make boot pages for iOS apps eye-catching (of course, Weibo is not the first issue in history to be discussed, various types of boot pages have emerged one after another. Today, various types of libraries have been ava

Illustration of how to enable the live video beautification effect of the home broadcasting app

1. First, go to the home Broadcasting homepage and obtain the camera and microphone permissions of our mobile phone. (of course, some mobile phones have the face filter function. For example, the iphone has the face filter function and can be used directly)2. After preparation, you can click start live broadcast.3. In this way, you can start broadcasting live! From left to right, the arrow points to flip the camera, share the live broadcast, gift, and face filter!From the above point of view, it

How to enable a Spring MVC Web app to perform specific processing when it starts

interface Initializingbean { void Afterpropertiesset () throws Exception;}Four, applicationlistenerPackage Org.springframework.context;import Java.util.eventlistener;import Org.springframework.context.applicationevent;public interface Applicationlistener example program: Package Test.web.listener;import Org.apache.logging.log4j.*;import Org.springframework.beans.*;import Org.springframework.beans.factory.initializingbean;import Org.springframework.context.*;import Org.springframework.cont

WARNING [Project:: app] to shrink resources must also enable Proguard

bytesskipped Unused Resource Res/drawable-xxhdpi-v4/ic_action_play_ dark.png:331 bytesskipped Unused resource res/drawable/photo_banner_scrim.xml:620 bytesskipped unused resource res/ drawable/session_detail_photo_gradient.xml:620 bytesskipped Unused Resource Res/drawable/transparent_background_ pattern.xml:436 bytesskipped Unused resource res/layout/activity_letterboxed_when_large.xml:360 bytesSkipped unused Resource res/menu/sessions_context.xml:1088 bytesskipped Unused resource res/raw/keep.

Vue+vux imitation Flying Pig app train ticket section (v)---City list save to MongoDB database and enable the node. JS Service

() {Console.log ("MongoDB connected fail.");}); Mongoose.connection.on ("Disconnected",function() {Console.log ("MongoDB connected disconnected.");}); Router.get ("/",function(req,res,next) {//res.send (' hello,goods list. ')Stations.find ({},function(err,doc) {if(Err) {Res.json ({status:' 1 ', msg:err.message}); }Else{Res.json ({status:' 0 ', msg:‘‘, result:{count:doc.length, List:doc} })}); module.exports= Router;New models folder under Server folder, new Stations.js file under Modelsvar mongo

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