how to find htaccess file in cpanel

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Linux cpanel host panel install SSL certificate to achieve HTTPS Web site Access Example

SSL Certificate The SSL certificate is designed and developed by the Netscape Communication Company by establishing an SSL secure channel between the client browser and the Web server (Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security protocol. This

Linux Web site configuration file. htaccess pseudo-static transition to IIS Web. config

The PHP Web site under Linux is placed under Windows Server IIS. htaccess file pseudo-static rule conversion.   This method is only suitable for Linux under the PHP Web site under the Windows Server IIS, the site in addition to the main page of

The PHP Web site under Linux is placed under Windows Server IIS import. htaccess file pseudo-static rule conversion (WordPress)

Special attention is paid to the following:1.. htacdess files can be generated in WordPressAfter installing WP Super cache, turn on the plugin >> settings >> advanced >> Find and click on the "Update mod_rewrite rule" button, which will generate the.

Simple eight steps to change a domain name for a Wordpress blog on the same host (2)

The domain name of jingbo has been changed from to The following describes how to change the domain name. I. Operations on cpanel: You can perform the following four steps on the cpanel of the Host: Step 1: add

Wordpress 3.x. X and earlier versions have file inclusion vulnerabilities.

Title: Wordpress 3.x. X and prior-Path Disclosure/File compression sion Vulnerabilities.Author: Dark-Puzzle (Souhail Hammou) Affected Versions: All versions are availableDeveloper: www.wordpress.comTest Platform: Windows XP SP3-Fr & Backtrack 5 R3.#

Solutions to common WordPress blog errors

Solutions to common WordPress blog errors WordPress is a mainstream Blog building platform. WordPress is the world's most advanced weblog program. Currently, most of the programs developed are based on it. It can better grasp the search engine.

About SuPHP and file permission settings

With regard to SuPHP and file permission settings, cPanel changed the PHPHandler mode to SuPHP, which resulted in an HTTP500Error when visiting the page. it was not known until you asked the reason, in SuPHP mode, no directory or file with the

Solution to MAGENTO 500 server error

Directory and file permissionsSome hosts are installed.Magento displays error 500,If you confirm that the host supports all components of magento, the permission may be related to the directory and file.Cause: There are a lot of hosts out there that

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