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Add DLL to GAC (Global Assembly Cache)

How can I load a DLL to GAC? Oracle was a problem. dataaccess. DLL problem. 10 Gb is installed on the sub-host, but later we know the oracle. dataaccess. dll contains a new method oraclebulkcopy, similar. net is used for SQL Server sqlbulkcopy. At that time, I wanted to use the DLL

Copy DLL from GAC.

These days I am working on some basic research on Microsoft Office HTML viewer. the Microsoft Office HTML viewer is a HTML viewer for displaying office documents in an HTML format. if you don't know what can the Microsoft Office HTML viewer do for you, click here for details on Microsoft. I want to a user of our application can view a document from a document library without having an application capable of displaying the requested document installed on the client computer. you know, Microsoft W

Copy the DLL from GAC

In projects, we often introduce third-party DLL files. Generally, we can copy the required DLL files to a place on the hard disk and add references to the project. This operation is very simple! But sometimes we will encounter such a situation, that is, the DLL to be referenced is in the GAC of the target machine, then

Does Content Deployment need to be enabled before execution? Install dll to GAC?

Install feature, but do not enable it. Modify the web. config file. Dll to be installed in gac. Specific steps for preparing the Content Deployment target site set: 1. Create an empty site set. You need to use the stsadm-o createsite command to create an empty site set. Note that the empty site set is different from the blank site set. 2. add and deploy all sharepoint solution package (wsp) files to the ta

How to install DLL files in GAC

To use Visual Studio. NET to create a small class library project, generate a strong name, and install the. dll file of the project in GAC, perform the following steps: In Visual Studio. NET, create a new Visual C #. Net class library project and name itGacdemo. Strong names are required. To generate this encryption key pair, use the SN tool. This tool is located in the \ bin subdirectory of the in

Copy the DLL file in your GAC

In the morning, I discussed with my colleagues how to copy the deployed DLL files from GAC. In addition to the familiar command line copy method, I also got a WinRAR software copy method. Here are two simple methods: Method 1: copy a command line. Start -- run -- cmd -- "CDC: \ windows \ assembly ". Generally, the self-developed DLL files are under the gac_msil f

To deploy a DLL to the global assembly cache (GAC)

For some class library projects or user control projects (generally, this type of project is eventually compiled with one or more DLL files, and when the program is developed, it is sometimes necessary to deploy the developed assembly (DLL file) installation to the GAC (the global assembly cache) so that other programs can call it. In general, there are several w

Register. Net DLL in GAC (Global Assembly Cache)

When multiple solutions reference a DLL, register a. Net DLL to GAC to avoid repeated references. Gacutil.exe. Start Menu-Microsoft Visual Studio 2008-Visual Studio Tools-Visual Studio 2008 command prompt, enter gacutil.exe in the console and press Enter. You can see some parameters. Input: gacutil.exe-IDll path After successful registration, refresh the

Go to: how to install the DLL assembly to GAC?

How to install the Assembly in GAC? First, you must assign a strong name (strong name) to the Assembly, which is actually the key used for signature. Select the start/all programs/Microsoft Visual Studio. NET 2003/Visual Studio. NET tool/Visual Studio. NET 2003 command prompt menu to go To the. NET 2003 Command Prompt window. Enter Sn-k c:/yoursnfile. SNK in the command prompt. Open the assemblyinfo. CS file of the project to be installed, f

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