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How hackers Use thread injection technology to hide their own viruses

From Hiding is the nature of viruses. In the industry's definition of viruses, "Concealment" is a basic feature of viruses, any virus can be hidden from the infected computer, because the virus can only be destroyed without being detected. To achieve this goal, many viruses use differen

Linux how to protect against viruses Linux virus method

local area network and WAN, naturally increased the likelihood of attack, can be foreseen to have more and more Linux virus appears, so how to prevent the Linux virus is every Linux users should now start to pay attention to things. Second, seize the weakness, all break Linux users may have heard of even encountered some Linux viruses, these Linux virus principles and symptoms vary, so take the precautionary approach is also different. To better

US company warned hackers to use Valentine's Day to spread two new viruses

Los Angeles-based computer antivirus software developer "Panda guard" said on the 25 th that computer hackers are spreading two new viruses on the Internet by taking advantage of the "Valentine's Day, at present, many computer users have suffered. The company said in a statement that the two newly discovered viruses are "Nuwar. OL" and "Valentin. E ". Both

Close ports to prevent viruses and hackers from invading computers

Windows has many ports that are open by default, and Internet viruses and hackers can connect to your computer via these ports when you surf the Internet. In order to make your system a fortress, you should close these ports, mainly: TCP 135, 139, 445, 593, 1025 ports and UDP 135, 137, 138, 445 ports, some popular virus backdoor ports (such as TCP 2745, 3127, 6129 ports), and remote service access port 338

9 ways to protect WINDOWS8 systems from viruses

Windows updated. Microsoft regularly publishes special security updates that help protect your computer. These updates help protect against viruses and other malware attacks by patching possible security vulnerabilities. Enabling Windows Updates ensures that Windows automatically receives these updates. To learn how to do this, see Windows Automatic Updates: fr

How to protect your website from being "threatened" by hackers"

With the development of Internet services, the application of websites becomes more and more complex. Web service platforms have been widely used in e-commerce and Enterprise Information Office, at the same time, the development of Web Services has aroused a strong interest of hackers, and the attacks on Web applications have also become increasingly fierce, they gradually moved their attention from attacks on traditional network servers to attacks on

How to protect social workers from hackers?

canBlack over the worldThe degree.Those internet companies are weaker than expected, a little understanding of the use of search engines, "collect public information directed fishing", you can indirectly hack into the company's internal office network. (six-degree connections,It's not important for an attacker to stop looking at your weight, and the attacker will see if you are connected to important people or assets .The chain of trust relationships. , even attacks that rely on public informat

Protect XML Web services from hackers [Part I]

mentioned in this article. Use this checklist to ensure that you have at least considered all the security options. Although you may not be running Internet Information Server 4.0 (version 5.0 is a release with Windows 20,001), most of the steps in this article still apply, and for future Internet information serv Er version, also still applicable. You can find this checklist from the Microsoft Internet information Server 4.0 Security Checklist (English). Summary Depending on your computer and

Hackers also have a headache: the seven major artifacts protect industrial security

Hackers also have a headache: the seven major artifacts protect industrial security Heavy industry is gradually becoming the target of cyber attacks. Financial institutions may also be under various pressures, but in terms of frequency or type, industrial networks are under more severe attacks. At present, it seems that the only purpose of these attacks is to detect vulnerabilities, but it is sufficient to

How to protect personal information from hackers in the internet age

really have the ability to resist hackers. In this respect, skills are naturally the strongest. Although "the magic of a foot, however persuasive outsmart" the results can be arbitrarily changed, but the Internet company as the maintenance of user privacy "portal", it is necessary to hone the skills to resist the overwhelming majority of hackers attack. Really offends the big God level of

Four steps to protect Windows data from Google hackers

Using appropriate countermeasures can help you keep highly confidential information away from Google and cannot be searched by Google hackers. Here are four steps. You can try to do this:1. Consolidate your server and isolate it from the external environmentUnfortunately, many key servers are still completely exposed to the Internet. Now please tighten your server's access control and put it behind the firewall.2.set the robots.txt file to prohibit Go

Protect XML Web services from hackers [Part I]

Protect XML Web services from hackers [Part I] [] second part] Matt Powell Microsoft Corporation September 5, 2001 Brief introduction In the process of talking to developers about the future of XML Web services, we learned that one of their biggest concerns was that the fear of weaknesses in the software might make the service vulnerable to malicious users. This can be said to be both bad news and good news

How to protect your PHP website SQL injection hackers

Basically, SQL injection is used to store data on websites or applications of websites and applications in SQL databases. SQL injection is used to access the database information (or the entire company), destroy the database information, or manipulate the database information. It is a security vulnerability used to exploit applications or websites. There are many different types of SQL injection, but in this article, we will only cover the basic knowledge. Let's see how to use it. As a Web devel

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