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What's the difference between a Mac Shangqing trash and a safe emptying trash?

What's the difference between a Mac Shangqing trash and a safe emptying of the trash? The so-called "safe emptying trash" is the repeated use of random data overlay to save the deleted files, so that you cannot recover purged files using any civil level tool. If you simply "clear the

Mac-Trash icons can also be replaced with Mac Pro

Ios6.1.3/ios7 Perfect Jailbreak and Apple Workstation Mac Pro is about to be listed today about Apple's two hottest topics, many people like the iphone after the jailbreak to beautify, in fact, the larger screen of the Mac landscaping more stunning. It's just that there's no escaping the idea. Before someone spit slot Mac Pro like a

Mac system safe. What do you mean by emptying the trash?

Many users who just use a Mac computer will see the trash basket and the safe emptying of the trash two options when using the Recycle Bin, the Mac's trash. So, what's the difference between the two? Mac system security Clear the trash

How to clean up mac trash

Before I always Baidu how to clean up mac garbage, but always find a good way, or some people say Mac is not need to clean up, but if you see my Mac's actual situation (disk space is almost full), I know it is imperative to clean up mac garbage!So how to clean up mac trash?

Apple Mac shangqing pour wastepaper basket and safely clear down the trash to contrast

If you want to delete more sensitive files, such as electronic bank statements, tax returns, documents that contain ID numbers or passwords, you can choose to have the Mac clear the trash in a safe manner. This option allows the Mac to overwrite deleted files, which greatly reduces the likelihood that others will recover them. This process may take some time, dep

Mac tips: How to create a trash on your desktop

Everyone knows that the Mac trash is generally in the dock bar, but PC6 small series because of personal use habits of reason, always feel the waste paper basket if on the desktop is good, then we can create a trash in the desktop? The answer is yes, and here's a tutorial to create a trash on the desktop. 1, first ope

Mac installed software appears "XXXX" is damaged, can't open, you should move it to the trash to solve the problem

Tags:. com cos Update software haha open terminal ISA logs sourceHow to handle Mac apps that can't be opened or file corruptionThe app is damaged and cannot be opened. You should move it to the trash. Haha don't be misled, maybe it's not badNot the software you installed is corrupted, but the security settings of the Mac system, because these applications are cra

Solutions for Mac trash not being completely emptied

Believe that a lot of users in the use of Mac after the deletion of files emptied the trash when you have encountered can not completely empty empty, in fact, we can be solved by the Mac's own terminal program, the following small series to bring the Mac system under the Trash can not completely empty solution: Before

How to remove trash from Mac system

After using the Mac for a long time, it generates a lot of system garbage. Generally Mac does not need to clean up the system garbage as often as windows, but for some perfect control, it is obligatory to keep the system absolutely clean. Today, I will share with you the way to clean up the Mac system garbage.First need a Mac

Mac uses clear trash or completely remove a file attached: SMB AFP FTP NAS Access server related

mac use the clear trash or Delete a file completelyadditional : SMB AFP FTP NAS Access server-relatedDelete File method under Mac:1. Use Cleanmymac to remove large files and old files using Cleamymac clean and small file by Mac2. Clean the direct Mac trash3. file properties lock file If lock file is recommended to be u

Absorption effect, like the effect of a trash bin on a Mac

the background color of a layer -Self.window.layer.backgroundColor =[Uicolor Whitecolor]. Cgcolor; the //Creating animations *Catransition *anim =[catransition animation]; $ //Set up proxyPanax NotoginsengAnim.Delegate=Self ; - //Set Animation time theAnim.duration =1.5; + //absorption effect, like the Trash on Mac effect (private API, not included in the official API) AAnim.type =@"Suckeff

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