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The JetDirect vulnerability in HP printing software has threatened multiple network printers (analysis)

Spanish researchers during this monthGuerreroResearch found HP Printing SoftwareJetDirect has a vulnerability that allows attackers to bypass bio-or swipe card security protection, access some printed documents, or advertise the network to cause DoS attacks on vulnerable network printers.Although JetDirect was designed by HP, many printers use the software, inclu

The solution of printing blank page for laser printer

A Epson epl-6200l laser printer, when printing output, sometimes the phenomenon of printing blank pages. Get Epson Repair Center for testing, did not find any hardware problems, and I also use authentic supplies, excuse me, what is the problem caused?With the above description, it is estimated that the problem you are

CSS tips: Use CSS to force pages on Web pages for printing!

B/SProgramIn, the control of the printed page is relatively weak, for example: Automatic paging, there is basically no practical use. We usually need to force browser paging as needed. In this case, we can use the following style:Auto: Does not affect page segmentation. Always: Force a page delimiter to appear after an element. Avoid: Avoid page delimiters after an element. Left: Insert a page delimiter after an element until it reaches the left edge of a

How the WPS table removes extra blank pages

How to remove extra blank pages in the WPS table: Let's take a look at figure one, we're going to print it out, and the preview shows it has more than 500 pages (figure two), because it's surrounded by a lot of blank pages (figure three) Step one, s

How to disable printing of pages _css/html

How to disable printing of pages _css/html Solution Ideas:To really prohibit printing pages is not possible, but if you can set the user to print to a blank, but also for the purpose of banning printing.Specific steps:code example: Note: The CSS defined in @media print{} r

How to disable printing of pages _css/html

Solution Idea: It is not possible to really prohibit the printing of the page, but if you can set the user to print to the blank, it is to achieve the purpose of banning printing. Specific steps: code example: Main contents of the document Note: The CSS defined in the @media print{} rule only takes effect on pages t

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