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High-performance JavaScript learning notes (2)-Japan

I say the day is even more, then .... Start with the buffer layout information today!-------------------2016-7-22 21:09:12---------------------------14, reduce the number of query layout information, the query will be assigned to the local variables

20 most popular HTML5 game engine collection

In the "hottest HTML5 JavaScript game engine" series of Articles Abroad (i), we took stock of the non-native HTML5 and JavaScript game engines that are now highly respected by developers. In a variety of 2D small game attack today, with HTML5 and

Cool man studying node. js in Japan

This year, we have been using Alibaba Cloud products. Node. js In the industry, there are two major problems: Node. js はじめに Recently, many others have been using JavaScript in our environment.Node. jsWhen there are too many other users, there are

Analysis on ASP mode for Enterprise Informatization

I. Basic concepts of ASP mode The full name of ASP is application service provider, which is literally an application service provider. The full name is actually a computer commercial application software service provider, which was born in the

Mobile device Management and OMA DM protocol V5 (1)

Copyright Disclaimer: This document all the rights belong to me (Wang Jinjian, msn:itecies@hotmail.com) all, for commercial purposes need to obtain my consent, for non-commercial use, without any license, but please respect my signature right, and

New Features of. Net 4.5

. Net for Metro style app The Metro style app gives me the feeling that it is used to develop applications with good user experience.ProgramAnd is a desktop-based application. Http://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-tw/library/windows/apps/hh464920  

The process of building the Farbox station

The process of building the Farbox stationThis article transferred from: http://mosir.org/html/y2012/How-to-build-your-website-by-farbox.html Author: MOSiR Time: December 15, 2012 Category: Web-related Out of the farbox of the

Windows Mobile development, native C ++ PK. NET Compact framework

Reason I often hear some questions from people who have just been familiar with Windows Embedded ce and Windows Mobile development. What language is used for Windows Mobile development? C ++ or C #? Does Java work? The following describes the

By using AWS, Dena/Shanghai tour significantly shortens the launch time of new games and services

About Dena/Shanghai Founded in 1999, Dena is a world-leading online service company that covers social games, e-commerce, and other fields. Headquartered in Tokyo, Dena is now listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange (Trade Code: 2432) and has offices

dena/Shanghai travel by using AWS massively shortens the time to launch new games and services

About dena/Shanghai Longitudinal TourDeNA was founded in 1999, is the world's leading network services company, business covers social games, e-commerce and other fields. Headquartered in Tokyo, Dena is now listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange

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