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Java Technology System Daquan, prepare for the interview can refer to!

Label: 1. Java Technology System 1.1 Java Programmer• Advanced FeaturesReflection, generics, annotation characters, auto-boxing and unpacking, enumeration classes, mutable parameters, variable return types, enhanced loops, static import• Core

(dump author unknown) deep understanding of HTML protocol

Tags: common    file    work     delivery    index    hive    types     Annotations     request     Deep

First application of MyEclipse Development Server application will encounter a confused Java EE

Label:First, what is the EE (orange part is the part that must be understood, currently used in the project)  Java EE is a solution for enterprise-class applications built on the 2 platform. Currently, there are 3 versions of the Java 2 platform:(1)

JS and jquery HTML content encoding, HTML escape

Tags: blog class C code java EXT/** jquery html Encoding, decoding* principle is the use of jquery's own HTML () and text () functions can escape HTML characters * Virtual a div by assigning values and values to get the desired Html encoding or

HTTP Header Detailed

Tags: The HTTP header field includes class 4:     general-header; Generic headers      request-header; Request Header      Response-header; Response Header     

HTTP Request Header Detailed

Tags: category     description     build     request header     must     machine     Request     Multiline     invalid

[Web Security] XXe Vulnerability Defense Learning (middle)

Tags: button ESS keyword root analysis error expec resolve open0x00, XXe vulnerability Attack instanceAttack Ideas:1. Referencing external entities remote file reads2. Blind XXE3. Dos0x01, external entity reference, with EchoExperimental operating

HTTP header Technical data [reprint]

First, the basic articleHTTP (hypertexttransferprotocol) is the abbreviation of Hypertext Transfer Protocol, it is used to transmit data of WWW mode, please refer to RFC2616 for details of HTTP protocol. The HTTP protocol uses a request/response mode

Go: The difference between get and post methods in an HTML form

Label:1. Getis used to get data from the server, andPostis used to pass data to the server. 2,Getfollow the data in the formVariable=valuethe form, added to theActionThe point ofURLback, and both use"?"connection, and each variable is used

HTTP protocol header fields

Tags: reason service color Apple character not found spec Mat ASTFirst, the basic articleHTTP (hypertexttransferprotocol) is an abbreviation for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is used to transmit data of WWW mode, please refer to RFC2616 for

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