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Automated compilation and publishing of ASP. NET Core Web application via teamcity

Download TeamCity, current version: 2017.1 Teamcity plug-in:. NET Core Support . NET Core SDK, current version: 1.0.1 InstallationInstall teamcity. Places to be aware of: Installation path Port, this is 9080. Install the account for the server and agent Windows services (it is recommended to use the system account instead of

Automate deployment of NPM projects with teamcity

Teamcity is a continuous integration tool for jetbrains and can be set up with 20 build scripts for free, which is basically enough for us personally. Of course, if you exceed the limit later, consider using another well-known continuous integration tool, Jenkins. Of course I installed teamcity a long time ago, but I never had a chance to use it. These days just

Teamcity Installation Graphics Tutorial

1. Download Teamcity 9.0 version Double-click the Teamcity-9.0.exe fileClick "Next" to enter the following screenClick "Next" to enter the following screenWait for the installation, after the decompression is complete, the following screen popupConfirm the installation path, after accessing the address, click Save, enter the fo

Simple Guide to continuous integration of teamcity + SVN + visualstudio

example is vs2010. Therefore, the URL in the svn connection settings attribute selects the directory where the solution (. sln) is located) After the configuration is complete, the test connection passes successfully. 4.4 set the finished path /Subprj1/bin/release/Win32/*. EXE =>. \ testsln \ subprj1 \ release \ Win32 \ Note: Copy all files with the extension .exe under the directory (/subprj1/bin/release/Win32/scripts) of the VS solution. \ testsln \ subprj1 \ release \ Win32 \ directory c: \

Teamcity Installation-Configuration

Tar xzf teamcity-9.0.4.tar.gz Software Preparation System: Centos 6.4 64-bit Java:jdk1.7.0_25 Database: Optional (continuous integration deployment is not necessary to customize the database yourself) Teamcity:teamcity-9.0.4.tar.gz Installation configuration1) Decompression software Tar xzf teamcity-9.0.4.tar.gz 2) configuration teamcity #添加启动JAVA_OPTSvim $

Installation and configuration of teamcity+svn+apache-ant on Windows

Software version to use:teamcity:teamcity-7.1.4svn:1.6.11ant:apache-ant-1.9.0svnant:svnant-1.3.1======================================================================================Installation configuration TeamCity:1. The local installation TeamCity, always "Next" until completed, this will appear as shown in the Agent Configuration Properties box, according to the instructions configured:650) this.width

Configuration and use of continuous integration teamcity

What is Teamcity teamcity is a powerful continuous integration (Continue integration) tool developed by JetBrains, including server side and client, currently supported by Java. NET project development. Teamcity provides a range of features that enable teams to quickly implement continuous inheritance: IDE tool integra

TeamCity continuous integration in Linux installation

In fact, the installation of this teamcity is very simple, but in the Internet to find a lot, no one to write about this aspect of the installation, Daniel do not spray, I want to use this simple little article to help more novice on the roadThe teamcity path downloaded in this article is/usr/local/src/# cd/usr/local/src/teamcity#./bin/

Installation of TeamCity continuous integration in Linux

Installation of TeamCity continuous integration in Linux In fact, it is very easy to install TeamCity, but I have found a lot on the Internet and no one has written about the installation. I want to use this simple article to help more new users get on the road. The TeamCity path downloaded in this article is/usr/local/src/ # Cd/usr/local/src/

Ci-teamcity Overview

Teamcity is selected for the following reasons: This software is free for small teams. Ø the installation and configuration are relatively simple, and the system requirements are not very high (compared with vs 2010 TFs) Ø usage and configuration are simpler than Contains duplicatesCodeDetection and analysis tools I. SVN Installation SVN service installation SVN Client To

teamcity Compile Execution Selenium upload window script defect

Teamcity compiled selenium script, for the Upload window processing only support the use of SendKeys, do not support the simulation by pressing the ENTER key and using AutoIt, even if the local debugging through the script, commit the compilation after the execution, is also an error, The reason is that teamcity compiled the execution of the script in the process, only the background to launch the correspon

JetBrains announces Project Rider: A C # cross-platform IDE

@jetbrainsrider to find out about future updates! I believe project rider will bring a wisp of breeze to the vast number of C # developers. According to JetBrains's previous product style and features, we have reason to believe that the new IDE will not disappoint you.JetBrains is a Czech-based software development company located in Prague, Czech Republic. JetBrains is known for a variety of excellent development tools, such as IntelliJ idea, Websto

Teamcity Configuration Notes

1. Compiling the SLN2. Publishing a website3. Duplicate Code detection4. Code Analysis5. Unit Testing Coverage TestingView Code Coverage7. Automatically trigger compilation when code is checked in8. Notice1. Locate the Traynotifierinstaller.msi installation in the Teamcity installation directory to open2. Related SettingsWhen the unit test fails, the lower-right corner pops up9. Backup Restore ConfigurationRestores:1.停止

Svn+teamcity+youtrack+upsource-Writing to tomorrow's studio small partners

First explain the concept:svn:subversion abbreviation, version control system. Centralized management (local only copy of the server storage, want to put the code to the server or to see the submission record, the difference between the network must have a connection)Teamcity: sustainable integration. My understanding is that I can help you compile and run tests. Ensure that the version on the server is correct.Youtrack: Provides agile project managem

Install and use the self-built TeamCity Tool

Install and use the self-built TeamCity ToolInstall and use the self-built TeamCity ToolChapter 4 installation steps2.2 Software Installation2.2.1 installation package location\ \ persons \ Download Software \ TeamCity-8.1.5.exeAttached installation package\ \ persons \ Download Software \ WDeploy.exe2.2.2 InstallationClick the

Casperjs Practice Note (5): Combination of teamcity and Casperjs on Mac platforms

The steps are as follows:(1) Start the Mac operating system;(2) installation of CASPERJS,PHANTOMJS;(3) installation of teamcity;(4) Set various environment variables, set teamcity until the Web page can be opened;(5) New project on the webpage;(6) Using command line to run the Casper use case script;(7) can be made into the execution plan, set the execution time and cycle.The basic situation is this way ~ ~

400 error solution when using teamcity to publish MAVEN projects

Problem Description:The project is a Java project, managed using MAVEN, and today there is an error in using teamcity for continuous integration, and no deploy is possible. The specific errors are as follows:Return code is:400, Reasonphrase:bad Request.Cause of the problem:The reason is that the release default library is not allowed to be re-deployedWorkaround:Modify the configuration in the diagram to deploy it repeatedly Deployment Policy:allow Red

Teamcity Combat (1): Preparing for work

Environment:Windows Server R2 SP1 (no more SP2, see here: Microsoft-wont-release-service-pack-2-for-windows-7.html, the client system does not have SP2, the corresponding server system will not have)TeamCity 9.1.5What you need to install in advance:Microsoft Build Tool 2015 Studio Isolated Shell (requires a registered connect account)(In order to re

Jetbrains and Google work together to build Android Studio

According to the latest jetbrains official news, jetbrains is currently working closely with Google to develop a new generationAndroid development toolsAndroid studio.Android StudioIsIntellij ideaAnd intellij idea.CommunityAll functions of the version. Android Studio provides: Gradle-based construction support Android-specific refactoring and quick restoration Prompt tools to capture performance,

JetBrains phpstorm pycharm free license Registration code

JetBrains is a specialized IDE software company, software is also very useful, but the authorization is particularly expensive, the following is the free way, that is, the use of authorized server, address: http://idea.qinxi1992.cnOf course you can build your own IntelliJ Idea authorization service, there is a special tutorial address: address: JetBrains phps

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