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Storm on yarn Installation __storm

1: Download [Jifeng@feng02 storm]$ wget https://github.com/yahoo/storm-yarn/archive/master.zip --2015-03-08 21:07:24-- Https://github.com/yahoo/storm-yarn/archive/master.zip is parsing host github.com ... is connecting github.com|192

The most convenient * way to view JSON output (RPM) _ Practical Tips

No extra effort to view JSON output at any time"No extra effort" means that when you need to look at the JSON output, just turn the eyeball (and maybe at least two more clicks) to find the result quickly. There are a lot of ways to view JSON output,

Redhat 7.1 Enterprise Edition uses the Yum source of CentOS 7

It is well known that the Red Hat Enterprise Server is not able to update the software if it is not registered. Due to the Redhat Yum online update is charged, if not registered words are not available, that is, can not install the software online.

Push notifications via PhoneGap on Android

Demand Essential Knowledge This article requires at least one intermediate level of PhoneGap development experience must product PhoneGap Build User-level All applicable My last article was via PHONEGAP to be able to push notifications on Apple

RHEL6 uses the corresponding version of the 163 web site CentOS as a yum source

#查看是否安装yum #Rpm-qa | grep Yum[Email protected] ~]# Rpm-qa | grep Yum#寻找适合自己操作系统的yum安装包 (can be found through the browser) #http://mirror.centos.org/centos-6/6.5/os/x86_64/Packages/yum-3.2.29-40.el6.centos.noarch.rpm[Email protected] huxiaoming]#

Fedora/Redhat install and update the software package online yum

Fedora/Redhat online installation and update package yum this article describes how to install and update the software online using the Fedora core 4.0 software package management tool yum, we will introduce it in another article. 1. Use of yum.

Bootstrap optimize site resources, responsive pictures, conveyor belt use of detailed 3_javascript tips

Optimize the bootstrap site resources, complete the bootstrap response picture, and let the conveyor support gestures, details as follows A. Optimizing site resources Speed is very important. Users are very concerned about. Our site must be loaded

Xtrabackup and innobackupex Hot Backup MySQL Data

Xtrabackup and innobackupex Hot Backup MySQL DataXtrabackup and innobackupex Hot Backup MySQL Data 1. xtrabackup introduction and backup principles Description: Xtrabackup is an open-source software developed by percona. It can quickly back up and

Reproduced MAVEN Beginner's introductory notes

Recently in a study of Maven, wrote a simple study note.All information in this article Baidu Cloud address: Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1jGn27PGFirst, you need to build a nexus on this machine.The first step is to place the Nexus-2.1.2.war in the Maven

Webpack Getting Started

Webpack Getting StartedWebpack is currently a popular packaging tool, how to install it?1. Install Node JsFirst, Webpack is a NodeJs-based tool, and you must first install NodeJs. NodeJs only needs to be installed once in your system.2. Global

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