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Virtual reality and augmented reality (spectacles or helmets) status and future-introduction

Augmented Realitytechnology is made up ofVirtual Realitytechnology development, the earliest to be used in military, beginning this year, because of the popularity of smartphones, intelligent hardware and the emergence of Google Glass, augmented reality technology is a lot of attention, at present, I am more optimistic about the future of

VR custom development, AR Custom Development (for many years to undertake virtual reality, augmented reality applications, VR game Custom Development, Beijing company, can sign contracts)

Cardboard SDK for unity useThe previous article as the beginning of the series, mainly about some of the virtual reality of the technology and principles, this article will lead you to see Google's cardboard SDK for Unity, although the current data and documentation is less, but this package is still very convenient to use, As long as you have a little touch with

Using Qualcomm Vuforia development AR Augmented Reality Game (opening) _ Qualcomm

reasonable position of the Elves, but still too naïve, in fact, the map is the simplification of Google Maps, the wizard appears in the position of a random near the screen of the world's coordinates, Location and the scene under the camera does not matter, basically is the use of GPS positioning, and the real world is not closely linked to enhance the reality of the elements are not many. However, after all, the first

[Note] augmented reality AR and 3D

My colleagues studied AR, so I learned about it. Recently I read an External Research Report. The questions seem to be very promising, but unfortunately there are two serious confusions. 1. Confusion between virtual reality and augmented reality; 2. Confusion between stereo imaging and plane 3D. Therefore, although the author reviews and summarizes a lot of infor

[Turn] Augmented reality colar Mix analysis

The original: An analysis of augmented reality Colar MixIt was interesting to see how Colar Mix's augmented reality application was implemented on the forum. I will explain to you from the angle I understand. We must be familiar with the realization principle of augmented

Unity3d+vuforia Development Augmented Reality example compilation

http://blog.csdn.net/dzyi_/article/details/228989291, enter https://developer.vuforia.com Select Resource, we can see Qualcomm offers a variety of versions of the development package, here we choose2, download and import unity, the download of a good identity map of the unity package also imported in3, delete the MAI camera, search ar camera and drag it to hierarchy, the same will imagetarget also dragged i

Unity3d Try Geo-location-based augmented reality

First of all, the failure of this attempt belongs to the kind of death on the way to the hospital. Based on the augmented reality of geo-positioning, AR holographic Reality, is a tall on the argument that the straightforward point is a cottage similar to casually go such applications. Open the app, search for surrounding information, and then overlay the informa

"AR" augmented reality Android Programming-Vuforia SDK installation and use (Android Studio)

Import Instance5 Gadle may fail to build after importing the project, the workaround is as follows:1. Change the Gradle version in Build.gradle to the version in your Android studiodependencies { Classpath ' com.android.tools.build:gradle:2.1.0 '}2. Changes in Gradle-wrapper.properties3. Change Compilesdkversion, Buildtoolsversion, targetsdkversion from app-Build.gradle to the version used in your Android studioDistributionurl=https\://services.gradle.org/distributions/gradle-2.2-all.zip4. L

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