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How to view data from Itools Backup View the data method of Itools backup

The first step, if the computer is not installed itools we can Baidu search download a itools installed in your computer. The second step, installed we click to open the "toolbox"-"ITunes backup management." The third step is to start creating a new backup in "ITunes Backup Management"-"Create a backup."

Android data storage-Data Backup (1)

the backup proxy to provide the data to be backed up. The proxy is also called to restore data when the application is re-installed. The backup Manager processes all data transactions related to cloud storage (using a backup TRAN

New Features of Android M-automatic backup of application data and new features of android

New Features of Android M-automatic backup of application data and new features of androidI. Features Android m's automatic data Backup function uses Android

Apple icloud method of data backup and view backup

recharge, and the wireless LAN has been plugged in, the device will automatically back up the data. 8 of course, we can also choose to manually backup, click the red logo below the "Backup Now". If you feel that free backup space is not enough, you can click on the "Change the storage space scheme" to choose the

Android M new Features-Application Data automatic backup function

A. function IntroductionAndroid M's automatic backup Data feature uses the Android backup Service, which backs up data to Google Drive. Android Bac

Android Network data parsing-use Google Gson to parse Json data

Android Network data parsing-use Google Gson to parse Json dataI. Introduction to Json data Json (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data exchange format. It is based on a subset of JS. Json adopts a language-independent text format, which makes Json an ideal

Android Application Data Backup

Android Application Data Backup On Android, you can easily manage data backups. Users who accidentally lose devices will be grateful for this feature. Backup data is stored securely on

Android (Android) mobile phone data backup method

Method One, use 360 handset assistant to carry on the backup with the computer 1. First the computer online and then install 360 mobile phone Assistant in the computer, then the phone to be backed up using the data cable to connect the phone, and then click on the bottom right of the "Data Backup" button below. 2. In

Using Google's GSON framework in Android to parse JSON data ---- convenient (including code)

then determine which resolution technology is used. there are generally two resolution technologies available on the android platform: the built-in org. json package and google's open-source gson library. the following two technologies are used to parse JSON objects and JSON arrays. 1. use the built-in org. json package parsing JS ON object. assume that the JSON data to be parsed is json = "{\" name \ ": \

Android Ddms cannot view the/data/data directory

Problem:Today I would like to check the database file under the app, open the Ddms view, then find the data path in the File Explorer and click the expand icon on the left to find it can't be expanded.Workaround:1. First make sure your phone is root, (Xiaomi phone needs to use the development version, stable version cannot root)2. If you do not configure the Android

Xiaoyao Android Simulator manual backup Data method

The first step is to export the file data method to be backed up very simply copy directly on the line X:memumemuhyperv Vmsmemu directory Memu-20150613-disk1 and Memu-20150613-disk2 are primary files only back up these two files on the line Second, file data for the import backup first, open the directory where you installed the X:memuhyperv. Memuhyperv Double c

The method diagram of data backup of Samsung Android mobile phone

1. Open "360 Mobile assistant" in the computer, then we connect the phone with the computer, and then when 360 phone assistants automatically recognize your phone, we will see the following image of the "motome525" model reminder, this is my test model, different mobile phone display is not the same, and then we click on "My Phone "-" "Phone Backup" button. 2. Into the mobile phone backup interface, we c

[Android Learning note 10] The application of adapter in view and data binding

The binding of views and data in Android development is inseparable from the adapt family of classes, which are presented to the user in a friendly, beautiful and informative application with a view of the bone, the content of the meat, and the adapter of the the adapter class hierarchy diagram in the Android

Android One-click Direct view of SQLite database data

This article mainly introduces how to view the data in the SQLite database and the common commands of Sqlite3 in the development of Android.1. Original View SQLite data methodEclipse Menu Window-open Perspective-ddms into Ddms view

Export and view of data files in Android database

When the Android development process involves the operation of the database, we usually need to export the app's database file (i.e., *.db file) to verify that the database additions and deletions are correct.Because the real machine does not have access to the protected data storage area without root, you can choose to export the data files on the emulator for s

Android View data cache

The cache of view data is often needed in Android, such as when we want EditText to be cut to another interface, the data entered remains the same.Reference code:/*Cache TextView*/ Public classCpcomplexdatepickerextendsFramelayout {PrivateContext Mcontext; /*** Date Display*/ PrivateTextView Mexpiretxt; /*** The sel

Android data-driven view update

Some editable views will be used during Android development, or some functions that need to be automatically updated as data changes. Most of these views require data synchronization to update the display of views. In addition, the data type is complex, so it is not suitable to add

Charles View HTTPS request data mac/android

androidmanifest.xml, add android:networksecurityconfig= "@xml/network_secruity_config" to the properties of "application" android:icon= "@drawable/icon" Android:label= "@string/app_name" Android:theme= "@style/theme.appcompat.light" android:networksecurityconfig= "@xml/network_security_config" >Re-packaging run the installation, the above configuration only the debug package is valid, the formal package is still not normal agent Https,release package to see the HTTPS agent can find

Get data under Directory files and view Android database files

First of all, if you are viewing the Android database file on a real machine, you have to get root permission, so there is no more talking about how to get it. May be the cause of the phone, I get access to the following mobile phone:Although the permissions in the data directory are open, the package permissions under Data do not get the Write permission, which

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