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Xamarin University Seminar Record | Build your first Android app with Visual Studio Xamarin

This webinar is over and you can find all of the conference content from the Xamarin University webinar series here . If you want to enroll at Xamarin University, or sign up for a 30-day trial membership, you can do this by clicking here .Around the world. NET developers can easily add their experience of developing mobile apps using Visual Studio and Xamarin to

C # cross-platform mobile app development tool Xamarin tries a simple comparison with eclipse

/activity_horizontal_margin"Android:paddingtop= "@dimen/activity_vertical_margin"Tools:context= "Com.example.helloworld.MainActivity" > TextViewAndroid:layout_width= "Wrap_content"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"Android:text= "@string/hello_world" />Relativelayout>java XMLUI DesignerVS2013 support for dragging controlsEclipseSummary after personal useDeveloping Android apps in Xamarin is similar to developing Android apps in Java, with almost

Microsoft acquires a cross-platform mobile app developer Xamarin

Microsoft today announced the acquisition of the mobile app cross-platform developer Xamarin, the acquisition amount is unknown. Xamarin provides tools for developing IOS, Android, and Windows native mobile apps through C #, as well as a cloud application testing platform – fully compliant with Microsoft's "cross-platform" and "mobile-first" strategies.There are

Microsoft acquires a cross-platform mobile app developer Xamarin

Microsoft announced today the acquisition of mobile application cross-platform developers? Xamarin. The acquisition amount is unknown. Xamarin provides tools for developing IOS, Android, and Windows native mobile apps through C #, as well as cloud application testing platforms – all in line with Microsoft's "cross-platform" and "mobile-first" strategies.More than 15,000

Testing your Xamarin app on Android device

I ' ve develop a test application in Xamarin Studio (Android with C #) and wanted to test it on my phone.The application worked just fine in the Device emulator (same OS version) if I install/open it on my phone, it jus t says "TestApplication stopped working" I know from the online search that thousands of issues could cause this error MES Sage but my questions are:is exporting my app on my droid as simple

Add Languages to Your Xamarin apps with multilingual App Toolkit

With Xamarin, you can extend your Cross-platform apps with support for native speakers, reaching the might Ise be overlooked. However, managing multiple languages and keeping everything current can is challenging, especially if you ' re not fluent in Those languages.This is where the multilingual App Toolkit (MAT) can help by automating the management of your language n Focus on how do best:build great Cros

Xamarin Android app inside icons on digital tips

Recently when using Xamarin to make an Android app, when you open the app, if you have a new message, you need to display a number hint in the app's Toolbar or on the home page icon. Here to share with you the implementation method, if you have updated the good implementation method, welcome to share.New message reminders like Twitter clientsSolution: Put the ico

Xamarin Android app packaging apk, xamarinapk

Xamarin Android app packaging apk, xamarinapk You can use Xamarin in Visual Studio to develop Android applications and generate apk files in three ways. 1. During debugging, The *** -Signed.apk file is automatically generated in bin \ debug under the Code directory, but the file Size is very large and is not recommended. 2. When Release is enabled, tick "deployme

Visual Studio creates a cross-platform mobile app _01.cordova&xamarin

. Desktops : Desktop Applications Tablets : Tablet PC app If you are facing the above three platforms you can consider using a generic project template. This project template contains Windows project (for desktops and tablets), Windows Phone Project, and shared project. The Shared projects is New in Visual Studio Update 2 . with this template you can easily write tests for Windows and the Windows Phone Project code written by the de

[APP] Huawei P6 Setup connectivity test with Xamarin Studio

Debugging with the simulator is cumbersome and very slow, with a mobile phone on hand to do the test machine, but has been unable to connect the computer.Baidu has a few to know, the first to connect when the choice:PC Assistant (Hisuite)This will load a similar drive disk resources, click Run will download the corresponding driver, updated the driver will be able to identify the device after the computer.Also remember to set the phone to allow debugging.Finally, choose a mobile device in the de

Xamarin Android builds its own blog Park app (2)

functional, no WEBAPI to provide more. Careful analysis of the next WEBAPI interface address, mom eggs, each request is brought with a token, and this token will expire. What to do, I was wondering if you can apply to the blog park's large application interface call permission, with a disturbed mood to try the next. Originally thought that the big will not bother me, after all, like me this kind of small rookie too many. The result after a few days unexpectedly return mail, let me flattered ah,

Chrome plugin: Starting a local app (Native messaging)

Chrome plugin: Start local app (Native messaging) www.MyException.Cn share in: 2014-08-01 views: 3 timesChrome Plugin: Launch local app (Native messaging)Recently encountered a new problem, need to use chrome plug-ins, from one of our web site to launch a our local C # application, while the application value to do dif

Blockchain im Instant Messaging system app develops multi-currency wallet development

circle group, you can live around the world new trends in the coin ring, you can do not leave home to know the world, live can also be personal live, can also be organized by the Organization to explain the blockchain knowledge and development. More interesting is the IM instant Messaging system in the multi-currency wallet function, with its other wallets are almost no business, you can dock each big currency, like the same as the red envelopes, but

is PHP suitable for the service of app Instant Messaging?

A friend want to do the Android version of the Instant messaging app, just for PHP will be some, want to ask everyone PHP suitable for instant messaging service side? What are the pros and cons? Reply content: A friend want to do the Android version of the Instant messaging ap

App Operation: How to develop a messaging push strategy?

App Operation: How to develop a messaging push strategy?Today, in the team, I made a share of the app messaging push strategy design, and here to sort out, but also a knowledge carding process for you to criticize.Many app designers are always greedy and want to grab the use

God's eye app--real-time location monitoring, instant Messaging

Project AddressHttps://github.com/guoyaohua/GodsEYEDevelopment environmentAndroid Studio 2.3.1Aurora Push im SDKBaidu Eagle Eye SDKBackground introductionPositioning monitoring system, not only for monitoring and monitoring the situation, but more importantly, the application in the security field, such as children, the elderly out, if you can share their own location in real time to the family, this can bring a security. The app uses the Baidu Eagle

Chrome Gadget: Launch local app (Native messaging)

chromemessage = Openstandardstreamin (); Log. Info ("--------------------My application starts with Chrome Extension message:" + chromemessage + "--------------------- ------------"); }} private static string Openstandardstreamin () {////We need to read first 4 bytes for Leng Th information Stream stdin = Console.openstandardinput (); int length = 0; byte[] bytes = new Byte[4]; Stdin. Read (Bytes, 0, 4); Length = System.BitConverter.

Android XMPP-based instant messaging app

XMPP is a communication protocol. Because this is an open agreement, many real-time applications use this protocol in order to economize on development costs. The most commonly used combination of Android Asmack +openfire. Asmack is the Android version of Smack, which encapsulates the XMPP protocol and provides a rich API that simplifies operations. OpenFire is an open source IM server, based on XMPP implementations. In other words, using XMPP to develop instant

is PHP suitable for app Instant Messaging service?

Recently want to write a adroid version of the instant Messaging app, just for PHP will be some, want to ask everyone PHP suitable for instant messaging service side? What are the pros and cons?

Development Notes--the XMPP-based Android Instant messaging app (i)

the TCP connection is allowed, as configured:Restart the SQL Server service and create a new database called "OpenFire" to start the configuration of the server.Start the server, open the extracted folder, go to the Bin directory, double-click Openfire.exe, wait for the program to run for a while, click the "Launch Admin" button to open the console.The program can choose Chinese language, the next step, come to the database configuration interface, I choose SQL Server here, and then enter the f

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