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Python Chinese Regular Expression notes _ regular expressions

From a string perspective, Chinese is not as neat and standard as English, which is an unavoidable reality. This article combines the online data and personal experience, take Python language as an example, a little summary. Welcome to add or pick th

Python Chinese Regular Expression notes

From the angle of string, Chinese is not as neat and normative as English, which is inevitable reality. This article unifies the online material and the personal experience, takes the Python language as an example, summarizes briefly. Welcome to add

A study on the assumption of RPC DCOM worm

Recently, as almost every big loophole has been announced, there will be a worm (worm) epidemic against this vulnerability, and the recent nasty RPC DCOM vulnerability estimate is about to become a new vector for worm transmission. As if writing worm

Windows buffer Overflow

Tags: exploit MMU 0x0d BDD and description Deb string validationIt's not good to write.Preparation environment:攻机:Kali 2.0靶机:windows xp ,windows2003不能做这个实验,亲测好多次没成功。有兴趣可以试试软件:SLMail、immunity debugger 、mona.py需要软件的可以留言。Overall steps:1. 测试是否发生缓冲区溢出2.

Overflow attack using Metasploit stacks-2

Tags: des style blog http io ar color OS useBasic stack overflow figure out that a very important issue in real-world attacks is shellcode generation.Using the tools provided by Metasploit, you can easily generate Shellcode, which can then be

Metasploit Produce Shellcode

root@bt:~# msfpayload windows/shell/bind_tcp lport=443 C/* * windows/shell/bind_tcp-298 bytes (Stage 1) * http://www. metasploit.com * Verbose=false, lport=443, rhost=, exitfunc=process, * initialautorunscript=, AutoRunScript= * * unsign ed char buf[

x64 QWORD Xor Shellcode Encoder

Tags: #!/usr/bin/env python#filename:xor_qword_x64.py#coding=utf-8import reimport sysimport randomimport structclass Qwordxorencoder:def __init__ (self): Self.name = "x64 QWORD xor Encoder" self.description = "x64 QWORD xor Shellcode Encoder"

"Python" uses Python to convert Shellcode into a compilation

Tags: code how many manual Mon load assembly ARC exp ACE1. IntroductionHow many lines of code do you need to convert hex into disassembly?Thanks to the Python Capstone Library, it only takes five elements to do this.In binary analysis, when exploit

On the available characters of PHP variables

Label:Text: A brief introduction to PHP variables available charactersFirst of all, the name of the PHP variable naming rules, Baidu next catch a lot:(1) PHP variable names are case-sensitive;(2) The variable name must start with the dollar sign $;(3

Encryption and decryption tutorial on God shield (i) PHP variable available characters _php tips

First say the PHP variable naming rules, Baidu next catch a lot of:(1) PHP variable name is case-sensitive;(2) The variable name must begin with the dollar sign $;(3) The beginning of the variable name can be underlined;(4) The variable name cannot b

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