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XML similar parsing, will encounter ' XXX ' is not a valid value of ' NCName ' problem

Label:The main reason is that some of the key attribute values in XML or class XML files do not conform to the NCName naming specification, for example, I am encountering a BPMN file that is a process, named after the attribute value of the

Character encoding

Label:Every programmer will inevitably encounter the problem of character encoding, especially to do web development programmer, "garbled problem" has always been a headache problem, perhaps you have rarely encountered "garbled" problem, however, to

Compare escape, encodeURI, encodeURIComponent

Tags: des http io using AR java for strong SPIt is estimated that many front-end engineers do not know the difference between Escape,encodeuri, encodeURIComponent, or when to use which method, and why these methods should be used, and I will mainly

JavaScript URL Chinese Character coding conversion

Tags: des http io ar os using Java SP forWhen using a URL for parameter passing, some Chinese name arguments or URL addresses are often passed, and conversion errors occur during background processing. In some pass-through pages use GB2312, and the

Jsp,velocity,freemark Comparison of page engines

Tags: freemarker velocity jspIn the Java field, there are three main performance layer technologies: JSP, Freemarker, Velocity.JSP is the most familiar technology of everyoneAdvantages:1. Powerful function, can write Java code2. Support JSP tag (JSP

Shell Scripting Learning Guide [IV] (Arnold Robbins & Nelson h.f. Beebe) _linux Shell

Recall a thing: Before using Linux to find Chinese input method, in Baidu entered the FCITX, and then the result has a, you are looking for is not: satirical Tencent. Originally can not remember this input method name, but later brother remember this

New features in ASP 3.0

If the reader is already familiar with ASP 2.0 and is looking for a list of actual changes in version 3.0, then this information will be found below. If the reader is a beginner of ASP, you can go over this chapter to the next chapter, where you will

SQL SERVER---collation, data type

Tags: no RAC title alt stroke Eid knowledge mes storageFirst, sorting rulesSometimes when we insert text into the database, there is a garbled "?", it is possible that we created the database is not set up collationTaking Chinese_prc_ci_as as an

Description of Get and post in Ajax and how to use and distinguish _javascript skills

Before how careful study of Ajax, just use it directly to use, found the problem to find a solution. Here's a little summary of what I'm looking for in the process of solving the problem. A. Talking about the difference between get and post of Ajax

Introduction to get and post usage differences in Ajax

1, get is to add the parameter data queue to submit the form of the action attribute refers to the URL, the value and the form of each field one by one corresponding, in the URL can be seen. Post is the HTTP post mechanism that places the fields in t

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