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Fonts that are displayed correctly in all browsers

The so-called safe font, is in all browsers can be displayed in the normal font, that is, all operating systems installed by default fonts. There are 21 kinds of secure fonts: Font-family:arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif;font-family: ' Arial black ',

English Web page safe Font list

This is a foreign web design common English fonts (safe font) list for reference: Font-family:arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif; font-family: ' Arial black ', Gadget, Sans-serif; font-family: ' Bookman old Style ', serif; Font-family: ' Comic Sans MS

22 CSS tips to know

1. Change the background and color of the selected text:: Selection /* */ background:#c3effd; Color:#000;} ::-moz-selection /* */ background:#c3effd; Color:#000;}2. Prevent Firefox scroll bar from jumpingHTML { overflow-y:scroll;}3,

The production of crystal icon

The function of Photoshop in texture performance is amazing, and whether you start contacting it today or have studied it early on, there is no denying that (there may be a difference in understanding levels). In this sense, you may never know what

IOS Font Table

Series name Version Academy Engraved Let 7.0d1e1 American Typewriter 7.0d1e1 Apple Color Emoji 7.0d18e1 Applegothic 7.0d5e1 Arial Version 5.01.2x

IOS Font Styles

UILabel *label = [UILabel alloc] init];Inlabel. Font = [uifontfontwithname:@ "Snell roundhand"size : - ];2015-06-19 09:30:38.891 interest[860:26980] All Fonts (Marion,Copperplate,"Heiti SC","Iowan old Style","Courier New","Apple SD Gothic

Some notes about the TINYMCE

Before I can read some of the English, but there is always no global view, so that I have always had some doubts about the use of TINYMCE: That is why I added in the TINYMCE initialization, such as font, font size and other settings buttons, but why

IOS Add TTF Font

In the process of development, sometimes the fonts provided by Xcode do not meet our needs, so we need to add additional third-party fonts.Provide a font download address: Find the font.The first page is the SWIFT code using third-party fonts, and

25 Very useful CSS tips you should know

In our front-end CSS encoding, often to set special font effects, border fillets and so on, but also to consider the issue of compatibility, CSS page layout, said difficult, in fact, very simple.Say it is easy, often have a lot of problems to haunt

On the use of TinyMce

Reference: websiteHttp:// Wiki particularly useful for the second configuration Related profiles Chinese notesVersion: TinyMce 4.X

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