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In the past one or two years, cloud computing technologies and applications have become an important solution for solving Internet problems,Cloud-based storage, computing, and collaborative applicationsProgramThe increasing number makes daily life easier and more convenient.

In particular, web designers have greatly benefited fromCloud Application Design, Modify and debug the LayoutOf.When cloud applications penetrate into various industries to improve the efficiency and productivity of network workers, it becomes very necessary.There are 10 superb cloud services that every designer can use to make daily work more smooth.


Codyanywhere is a browser-based coding tool that runs completely in a browser and has an FTP client. It also provides syntax highlighting for HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and XML.




Dropbox is a very useful free network file synchronization tool. It is an online storage service run by Dropbox.Cloud computingTo synchronize files on the internet, users can store and share files and folders.[1]Dropbox provides free and paid services, which are available in different operating systemsClientSoftware and webpage clients.

It is especially suitable for a Web Developer team in a project. It even has a basic version control function that allows users to restore old files 30 days ago.




It is very troublesome to create a page that can display the correct layout on multiple screens. This is why the grid-based design absorbs

Web designer. Frameworks such as 960.gs, blueprint, and bluetrip can quickly and easily create a good prototype layout for designers.

Gridfox is a free Firefox browser component that allows you to test the column width on any page, modify the style, and save it to the cloud for future layout and design.



Adobe Kuler

On the ksung website, we will learn how to discover color groups, create a color subject with these colors, share it, and quickly use the content in the extensions of photshop cs4. What is kill? Ksung is a network-based application that provides free color themes.




Like a cloud-based Photoshop version, pixlr is a lightweight image editor that can run in a browser. Pixlr has the basic functions you want from any edit kit, including cropping, smearing, enlarging, and plotting. Pixlr is a browser-based Web application and provides clients for iOS and Android.

You can also apply the image filter to a variety of retro effects, the display effect is the same as you use hipstamatic and Instagram. Although its import and export capabilities are limited, it still provides an image editing function without occupying a lot of resources like a desktop program.




Evernote is a resource that allows you to save when you are surfing the Internet. It is the ultimate digital clipboard. When you are studying a particular web development technology or looking for inspiration, it will come in handy. Evernote can save the entire website, images, video files, or interesting webpages.

Free users only have 60 MB of storage space per month, but paying users have 1 GB of cloud storage space per month. Evernote has nothing to do with the Bookmarks Bar of your browser. If you need a simple way to organize your research, it is definitely a good tool.




Although it is more suitable for back-end encoding, GitHub is also suitable for designers who need it. Independent web design professionals can upload CSS styles, front-end frameworks, Icon Sets, and many other things. If you are looking for a tag tool or framework that makes the design process simpler, you may find it on GitHub.

Twitter's popular frontend framework Bootstrap is hosted on it. For millions of web designers and developers around the world, GitHub is an excellent distributed version control system.




If you are a member of any web design team and you and your colleagues cannot spend a lot of time working together.

Draftboard is a cloud computing-based collaboration tool that allows colleagues in different places to work in the same project. It is especially suitable for previewing terminals and receiving feedback items from your peers. You can upload the files you want to upload from a very intuitive user interface, edit and manage those files.




Many eye-catching designs are caused by a compelling typographical structure. Selecting a font is a subtle process, because even the most subtle changes can produce great visual effects in web design. Typetester provides the designer with a browser-based tool to compare three different fonts side by side to see which one works best.

You can change the font size, type, spacing, and text color. Typetester is 100% free of charge and does not require installation of any software because it runs completely in a browser.




Despite the possibility of continuous CSS expansion, it will become very complicated in the future when it comes to an outstanding webpage design that does not require flash and bloated image files. Compile cross-browser CSSCodeIt is a headache, and cssdesk is a very convenient tool.

With its simple but fully functional user interface, you can set rounded corners for specific elements, and cssdesk will output code styles for you.




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