Interactive design of cloud applications

Interactive Design Techniques: Application of Cloud The basic understanding of clouds 1 basic knowledge of cloud brushes (foreground cloud, medium cloud, prospect Cloud) 2) Cloud Brush Pract

Ingenious, Webapi httpbasicauthorize the practice of building small cloud applications

Tags: HTTP uses basic authentication, and Webapi uses the [Httpbasicauthorize] tag controller to use Basic authentication. Basic authentication The disadvantage of HTTP Basic authentication is to provide simple user authentication function, its

Agent simplifies integration between cloud applications and enterprise on-premises applications

Label:This article describes the infrastructure of Oracle's integrated cloud agent, the components it contains, and how to connect to cloud and op applications.Current/Typical integration methodsThe current common way to connect cloud

Enable cross-Cloud applications-DNS-based load balancing

Label:"Public cloud can be used as an extension of traditional IT resources to help customers cope with changing needs"-a phrase we often say when we introduce public cloud products to our customers. Let's look at a specific requirement:A customer

10 cloud applications recommended for web designers and developers

In the past one or two years, cloud computing technologies and applications have become an important solution for solving Internet problems,Cloud-based storage, computing, and collaborative applicationsProgramThe increasing number makes daily life

Video Interview and Editing: the Way of the Microsoft R & D team's private cloud applications (2)

3. The number of physical servers is increased, but the number of maintenance personnel is not increased.   Original video address: Arcid = 1, 302330   Tan Mao:What are the

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