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Debian-Linux Release Technology-Debian information is installed for the first time. The following is a detailed description. The company's business needs to install a test server system using Debian. We have heard of Debian for a long time, but there is no chance to use it. The relationship is too scary to write on the Internet, three DVDs are required. This is a bit big, but after downloading it, you will know that the first disk is okay. I have used many Linux distributions and are not familiar with Debian, but it is not convenient to install and start setting.

Download the three DVDs online without indicating whether the software package is used by the system. I believe the other two are software packages. This is not very good. Maybe Debian is used by the client. It is unclear that it has no right to speak.

It is troublesome to install the software package. It needs to be set from the beginning to the end. This is not as good as other LINUX releases. When I have completed the input and installation, I will wait for the installation of the software package, which is inconvenient. For other releases, you can leave all the information you want to input and the system will finish the other work.

I don't even have SSH during the minimum installation. This is really unacceptable to me. Maybe someone asked you to install the least? There is no way to install unnecessary software packages, which is a habit, but SSH is not installed at least. This is too much to say. Maybe it's because I use Debian.

The setup after installation is very different from other releases. Maybe it is because I am used to the AS and CENTOS, And the NIC file is not found, however, we have never used this system and won't be able to lose it.

However, Debian is also very powerful. Debian is one of the earliest Linux releases. It can attract public attention because it makes it very easy to install and uninstall software. When other releases are stuck in the dependency quarary, Debian users are immune from these problems because of a better package management system.

All Debian-based distributions use this package management system. The Deb package can package the files of an application together, basically like the installation files on Windows.

Debian settings take into account the needs of users to install files, and it is easy for new users to GET started. YUM does not seem to have appeared as early as APT-GET. For new users who are new to Linux, debian is worth using.
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