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Debian installation setup notes-Linux Release Technology-Debian information. See the following for details. 1. if the 2.6 kernel is used, enter linux26 when starting the boot; otherwise, the 2.4 kernel is used by default. You can also enter installgui (graphical installation interface) or expertgui ). Press enter to enter the graphic installation interface. The installation language and region, keyboard type, network setting, image site (good cn99 speed), hard disk partition, Time Zone setting, and root password setting appear, set up by common users. But only install the basic system, do not install the software, and then install grub. Exit and restart.

2. After the base-config is completed, you can log on to the system.
After logging on to the system, configure source. list.
# Vi/etc/apt/source. list
Add a debian source for cn99
Run apt-get update and apt-get-u upgrade to upgrade the system to the latest version.

3. Install the compiler and VIM:

Apt-get install make gcc g ++ gdb

Apt-get install vim

4. Install common tools:

Rcconf (startup server settings)

Hdparm (Hard Disk parameter settings)

Lynx (Web browser under the Terminal)

Apmd (for advanced power management, I use the 2.4 kernel. If this module is not installed, it cannot be automatically shut down. If the 2.6 kernel is used, no installation is required)

Bzip2 wget mc less sudo ncftp2 man manpages

This is the basic Debian development environment.

5. After Debian is installed by default, the ls command has no color. You need to manually set it as follows:

Enter vi ~ in the terminal ~ /. Bashrc


# Export LS_OPTIONS = '-- color = auto'

# Eval "'dircolor '"

# Alias ls = 'ls $ LS_OPTIONS'

# Alias ll = 'ls $ LS_OPTIONS-l'

# Alias l = 'ls $ LS_OPTIONS-la'

Remove all the preceding annotator #, save the disk, and log on again.

6. Vim editor settings:

Open the vim configuration file vi/etc/vim/vimrc

Add the following statement at the end of the file

"Kevin Config

Set ts = 4 "set tab to 4 spaces. The default value is 8, which is useful for programming.
Set sw = 4 "auto indent is also 4 spaces
Set encoding = prc "supports Chinese characters. Otherwise, the problem of" half Chinese characters "may occur.
Set fileencoding = prc "is similar to the above, the default file encoding.
Set number "display row number
Set nobackup "does not automatically generate backup files. Some people like it, such as me.
Set autoindent "auto indent

Syntax on "enable syntax highlighted

Vim has a recommended configuration, which is also easy to use.

Run cp/usr/share/vim/vim63/vimrc_example.vim/usr/share/vim/vimrc with the root permission.
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