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The author in the "Sem of the Medical network editor's hand" mentioned the importance of the content of the Web site article and the key, many of these theoretical origin can be said to be in the pursuit of user experience to improve. And in the "Sem of Medical micro-blog Marketing special industry Alternative" also said, even if it is micro-bo marketing, but also need to even be said to be entirely based on user experience. Why the author repeatedly stressed the importance of user experience, because in the author's opinion, Network marketing no matter for which industry, there are only two steps, one is to attract users, the second is to retain users. Today's industry trends, how to attract users is no longer a problem, whether it is SEO, paid bidding (PPC), network promotion and so on, have been able to easily attract users to the site. So how to retain users so that they can achieve their goal transformation, has been more and more attention and attention, I believe that with the overall Internet network Marketing system of sound and more perfect, the future of network marketing will increasingly focus on how to retain the user's direction, that is, user experience.

"Medical seo--, what do you want?"

SEO has always been a very big topic. No matter what type of Web site, as long as in search engines appear, it will be more or less to be mixed with SEO factors. However, he howl, medical Network Marketing because of its special nature, with the medical industry, SEO, also has a certain difference.

Unlike other types of Web sites, there is only one internet marketing purpose for a medical institution, that is, the number of patients who are eventually transferred from the website or other channels of the network. Therefore, our SEO goal and direction, also certainly is different.

The author in the "Sem of the medical network to promote the hand" has mentioned a word, "Let the right users know your site." This sentence for the medical site is more appropriate. A day of IP millions of visitors, but not a potential demand for users, this is not helpful; a full target keyword can be attracted to the site, the user clicked in without any can trigger the need to transform the elements, that is waste. Again, the converse of this sentence is equally tenable. A web site that can trigger the transformation of user needs, all the target keywords can be attracted to the user, then, a can realize the transformation, but also through the target keyword to attract users to enter the site, the day IP Why not worry about million? Is this not a paradox of the existence of a website value?

"Conversions > Rankings > visits"

First declare, "Conversions > Rankings > visits" the author is not saying that you can put the rankings and visits to the secondary work, on the contrary, it is in ensuring good and orderly keywords and access to the basis of how to explore how to achieve transformation and improve the user experience these two points.

This article is to explain and explore, not how to improve the keyword ranking and increase the number of visits, but focus on the final step of the transformation of the cause, that is, the user experience to the site to bring the goal of transformation. Because I believe that in the keyword and ranking of the promotion of research, there will be a lot of very powerful SEO and their policy strategy, here is no longer to swim the eggs.

"User experience is also a media"


"Figure 1"

Figure 1 is the Abraham Maslow hierarchy of Demand theory. At the level of lower-order physiological requirements, the user's needs are only functional satisfaction, not a good experience, then the user experience is very few. Many people, including many in the medical SEM industry, believe that the value of user experience in the healthcare industry is insignificant. To think otherwise, medical network marketing is only a secondary requirement based on demand, compared to the medical services that can effectively solve physical and security needs, but we need to stimulate the user to trigger the transformation of fundamental needs through secondary demand, so that we need a key, a key, One we can use and the only weapon is the user experience.

In the early days of the medical network marketing industry, the website of a medical organization is very simple and direct, perhaps only need to put on the telephone and address can solve everything. But the competition degree of medical SEM industry intensifies, the change of secondary demand caused by competition, the value of user experience is not the same. In such cases, we will find that the user experience is becoming more and more important as the competition becomes fiercer. But the reason is not the competition, but the competition stimulates the demand enhancement, under the new demand level, the user experience becomes the user demand component. Therefore, the user experience is the cause, is to stimulate demand transformation.

User experience is to stimulate the transformation of demand, but also the overall site relative to the user to achieve the transformation of the media. The most direct dialogue between the website and the user is achieved through the media of user experience. The site's interface style, the main direction is the table, and the internal details of the user experience to upgrade is, only to reach the unfading, the interior and exterior, is a real user experience to create a sense of the site, is a good site.

"Detail beats users, details impress users"

"Naked marriage Times" in Lewis Yang's words is said: "The details of the defeat of Love." I besides I love you more than you love me more than you, I do not have any conditions than Hello, I know a truth today, what is lost without loss!

The author here to say is: the details to defeat the user, the details impress the user. In addition to being able to give users more experience than other sites, we do not have any better conditions than other sites.

A website may not be able to get good rankings and high weights, the number of visits is not enough to quickly break through, a lot of SEO are focused on how to increase the flow of more traffic, but the visitors have to go to the site is ignored. If a luxury Porsche sports car, despite the countless passengers flock to the same, but the driver will be told to hire the same, and now perhaps your site is like a dilapidated bus, although the seat is limited, but the destination is very clear. Sometimes your bus may not be able to wait for a full passenger to start, but the destination will never change, the passengers in the car can also take your car to reach the destination whenever you want. The author believes that the goal of the medical site is not to become a huge traffic station, but to do fine, do the right, to allow the potential transformation of patients to become visitors to the site, so that visitors into the site into the transformation of the patient, to enable the transformation of the patients to achieve the final transformation is the real value of the medical site.

①, Business window and web floating


"Figure 2"

Figure 2 is the content page of a hospital where the business pass pops up and the left floats. User access to the article page browsing is to read the article content, the author in the process of browsing the site, the middle of the business window every 15 seconds pop-up, the mouse touches the left side of the page out of the pop-up floating, and then had to close the two pop-up. But please note that the three places in the red mark in Figure 2, the Close button is small and exquisite, click a bit of dislocation, you will directly click on the floating image to the new window to open the business through the Online dialogue window. Just imagine, visitors click on the link to enter the article page to browse content, first of all, we need to close two of the floating to prevent reading, followed by the reading process will continue to pop up the impact of the reading process, visitors need to click Off again, once the click Error will be brought to a strange and not purposeful dialogue window, then, What is the probability that the visitor will return to the content page to continue reading? or how much is the process of consulting with an online expert in the Business conversation window? I believe you already have the answer in your heart.

Of course, the medical site must be placed in a significant position similar to the floating link, the author's proposal is: if it is a pop-up, then on each page pop-up can, always keep the lower right corner of the floating can be, avoid a page repeatedly pop-up; Try to place in the lower right corner of the page or follow the scroll bar to move the bottom banner, try not to place the left side of the page floating, especially not closed floating!

②, F-based browsing layout

The F-Type browsing model is based on SERP (search results page), which is called user unconscious browsing trajectory. As shown in Figure 3.


"Figure 3"

The author thinks, the page of medical site, should pay particular attention to the principle of F model. In general, it is recommended to place the content or picture of the marketing nature on top of the F-scan trajectory. We take fig. 4 as an example.


"Figure 4"

Figure 4 is a famous general Hospital home view, please note that the red box in the picture area, follow the F-type browsing trajectory of the focus is to banner, hospital profile, the latest developments, the latest activities, technology first paragraph, qualification honors, address phone-oriented content. These marketing-type content placed in the visitor's subconscious primary browsing position will increase the marketing factor while not affecting the experience and browsing progress.

③, related articles worthy of the title

Almost all the content pages of the medical web site are called by related articles. This is very good for the user experience, but I would like to say that the relevant articles, it is necessary to let the article and the current article does have a relevant place. I have seen a lot of hospital sites, content pages related articles are all marketing nature is very obvious, and even have related articles or recommended articles are the same content, such settings whether for experience or for search Engine page crawl, are quite unfavorable.


"Figure 5"

Figure 5 is recommended by the author of the relevant article page screenshot, the current page of the article is about "Beijing painless crowd check how much money?" Content, it is clear that the relevant article here is the key word "painless abortion." The author wants to say is, if we need to allow users to see the site at all times the impact of marketing content, should be the content of the start, rather than hanging sheep meat to sell dog meat, is clearly "related articles", in fact, there is no relevant place.

④, make full use of the strength of the first screen

The first screen, which is often said to be the browser. The first screen is the user line of sight and behavior concentration of the site, the user most concerned about the content must be presented in the first step. This is especially important for the layout of any page. Many medical stations in the first screen, in addition to the head of the navigation, with a very large banner to show, although this can be very good for users to understand banner to express information. But once the user is not interested in your banner, it is likely to jump out of the page. For the article page, the biggest taboo is the title followed by the article map, so that the first time users can see the only useful information is your title.


"Figure 6"

Figure 6 is the first screen of a hospital article page screenshot, in order to prove that the page is the article page, the author deliberately marked with a red box breadcrumb location. Imagine, a visitor through the homepage of the website or serp page into the page, the first time presented in front of the user is not the user wants to browse for the purpose, how much probability for users to pull down the scroll bar to continue reading?

I suggest that if your page is necessary to use banner banner, try not to use in the article page, the article in the map also should not put on the text above. In a word, is to let the first screen of the page to show the main page, do not steal the impact of user browsing.

⑤, List page content is highly concentrated

When your users are browsing through the list page, the goal is already clear--all the optional information that's focused on the topic--is the final step toward the content page. Users in the list page will be scanned browsing, and hope to find the link target to enter the content page as soon as possible. Below we will use the four list page of the article List screenshot to compare.


"Figure 7"


"Figure 8"


"Figure 9"


"Figure 10"

Figures 7, 8, 9, and 10 can basically cover the design style of the current Medical station list page. In the author's opinion, can help the user to realize the Browsing destination page is the good page. The meaning of a list page is to help users find the target article and jump. Therefore, for this unique goal, a good List page page should directly render the core list information, no interference information obstruction, title name and summary information, orderly layout, the article title Bold link text eye-catching, suitable for quick browsing. I have also seen the graphic mixed row of the list page design, not recommended here to use. Because the medical station is not every article can find a suitable map, if not a map or a map and the content of the article is not relevant, in the list page will appear unusually abrupt.

⑥, let the website move Up

The biggest feature of the medical station or the drawback is that the initiative is very low, which is why the health care industry site generally low weight of one of the reasons. If a site can only allow users to passively accept content, but not to interact with users, such sites may have a good ranking, but there will be no efficient conversion.

Website interactivity is not easy to do, if your site is not too much can interact with visitors layout and content, try to do pure interactive plate. For example, forums, questions and answers, of course, the most interactive now is a micro-blog, if you can let the site and the station outside the micro-Bo organic combination, the benefit is great. Can see "Sem of Medical micro-blog Marketing Special Industry Choice"

"Looking at Nature through phenomena"

SEO is a very big topic, the user experience is also a very big topic. The user experience plus SEO is a bigger topic. Many SEO think the two repel incompatible, not also. If SEO is a tree, then the user experience is the root; if SEO is the root of the tree, then the user experience is the soil that nourishes the roots. Many people have the search engine as a direct object, the implementation of the strategy are also targeted at search engines, but for medical SEM, no amount of traffic is less than effective transformation come true. I think, compared to the medical industry, SEO, in ensuring the basic ranking and effective access to the basis of the amount, we are more, should be to master the user's behavior, adjust the rhythm of the site, to enable the site to guide the rhythm, not to let users like chicken in the site of civil strife, and finally turned out of the site, That is the author to say, aimed at the users behind the search engine.

I ning Xiao Le, buckle buckle: 604163270, welcome the medical industry sem people to discuss together! Another reprint this article please indicate the source (!

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