Then I went to the Internet to search for "How to Write website SEO optimization solutions, online seo

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Then I went to the Internet to search for "How to Write website SEO optimization solutions, online seo

This time is part of the Website planning stage, website positioning, website layout, and keyword selection.

First, you need to determine what kind of website you are building. Of course, we are an enterprise website. Then, you need to determine the keywords of the website and refer to your competitors to determine the keywords, you can also use keyword mining tools to select appropriate keywords. The selected keywords must meet your search habits and have a certain amount of searches. It is best to have keywords with clear conversion intention.

After the keywords are determined, you need to design the overall layout of the website. For example, what sections should be placed on the homepage and what content do your customers most care about? What information do you want to know most ?, In this case, you need to analyze your customers, such as our industrial products, your success stories, and the core competitiveness of your products, we will present the content to our customers. After the layout is determined, we will hand it over to the artist to create a website. If there is any dissatisfaction, we will make improvements, form a final effect, and then hand it over to our website technical staff for website construction.

Website Construction in progress: the website has been successfully launched.
During this period, we need to pay attention to the internal optimization of the website, such as flattening the website structure, static URL, 404 page, ALT tag, website map, 301 redirection, breadcrumb navigation, secondary navigation, website title writing, keyword layout and density, website description writing, internal chain construction, product and article release, etc, the details involved in some website internal optimization should be set up during the website construction phase. In fact, the most important part of this phase is the internal chain construction process. Website products and articles should be updated in a timely manner to ensure the quality of original articles, so that the main search engines can be included and crawled.

Website construction completed

In this phase, the complete construction is basically completed, and the website content is almost filled. the next major task is website maintenance, external link construction, and data analysis.

The website's articles still need to be updated. Only by constantly updating the articles can we ensure the number of website records. However, after the customer comes to your website, it gives the customer a sense of trust, for example, if you go to an enterprise website and see that his website was updated half a year ago, will you have any questions about whether the enterprise has closed down? Therefore, maintaining website updates not only increases website traffic, but also gains the trust of users to a certain extent.

External link Construction: mainly includes links, soft links, forums, sns communities, etc. My personal interests are friendship links and soft texts, which allow me to build external links through soft texts, in fact, it is also a process of brand promotion. Each industry has some well-known Industry websites. You can go to some related websites to contribute, so that the website can not only add a high-quality external chain, it also helps to establish a corporate brand image.

Analysis of website data: website data analysis is a daily task for websites. It is also a test of the website running status. By analyzing the source and Keywords of visitors, it can provide guidance for your next step.

How can I write a website SEO optimization solution? It may be a very difficult problem for new SEO beginners who have not yet written it. Therefore, many of my friends began to be calm and began to seek help from various experts. Finally, each person may give different ideas. I have encountered this situation as a newbie who just got in touch with SEO. But no matter what, a basic SEO solution came out, next I will share my writing experience.

Yesterday, I received a job from my boss. We need to create a new website and let me develop a SEO optimization solution for my website. For me who just got in touch with SEO, I was a little eager to catch up with the ducks, but there is no way. If you get a salary, you have to solve the problem for the boss. What else do you want to do?

After receiving this task, I went to the Internet to search for "How to Write SEO optimization solutions for websites" and "SEO optimization solution cases", and began to collect information, fortunately, many SEO experts share their ideas on how to write SEO optimization solutions. However, there are some differences in each opinion, but the general framework is similar, it covers data analysis from website positioning before website construction to post-construction. Then, I personally divide the solution into three parts: writing, pre-construction, site construction, and post-construction.

Before website construction:

The above are my personal thoughts on the SEO optimization solution. My plan is also written in accordance with this idea. I hope it can be used for reference by new SEO friends, SEO instructors are welcome to provide valuable comments.

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