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Traditional enterprises need to break through internet thinking barrier

This year's two sessions, two people mentioned the internet and the relationship between traditional enterprises: one is Robin Li, because these years Baidu is standing in the service of the company's point of view to do the promotion, even if the bidding ranking is very burning money, thousands of enterprises are indeed because of Baidu and benefited; another is Lei, Lei is also talking about the internet to change the traditional enterprise, Because Millet created the internet thinking, let everyone talk about the internet thinking, millet even have to enter the idea of real estate, the industry startled sound. According to Lei's logic, as long as there is enough cash flow, to make a applauded and hit the real estate brand should ...

Over the next three years, the Internet TV mode of one-year coverage users are expected to break through 50 million

Absrtact: Network vision transformed to Internet TV, is the result of the last 6 years of the quest of the CEO. Shawiding recently wandered around Guangzhou, Shanghai and Taipei in China to find the right strategic partner. According to the people close to the information, with the cultural fund, Internet giant network as the transition to Internet TV, is the CEO of the last 6 years of the results of the quest. Shawiding recently wandered around Guangzhou, Shanghai and Taipei in China to find the right strategic partner. According to the people close to it, the Cultural fund, the Internet giants have contact. The company is going public before the last round of financing, Shao ...

Branch through core city "dismantling" iphone supply chain innovation Electric business model sweeping Internet conference

2012 Internet Conference in Beijing yesterday opened the curtain, this session of the Internet Conference to "open integrity to meet the Internet New era" as the theme, not only attracted to Tencent Ma led by a large number of internet giants to participate in, China's three major operators to communicate with Taiwan for the first time. The internet world is changing rapidly, and some business models with development potential have been demonstrated on this stage, China's first IC components self-electric commerce core city in this conference from the General people less contact with the iphone supply chain extended to the innovative IC components of the electric business model, to this conference brought a special ...

Corporate Internet business model: Traditional Bird's Nest shop through the internet to establish a chain

Recently, I have just helped a company to do its "> Internet business model Project case." The company is mainly engaged in his bird's Nest retail, the company has been mainly through his two shops to earn his profits. There are also some wholesale to do small-scale. But it's not easy for companies to expand.   Because in addition to the funds, but also to consider the operating capital and the overall situation, potential competitors and so on factors. ...

Jingwei China Wan Haoki: Mobile Internet has gone through the internet

Jingwei China was founded in 2008, compared with some domestic venture capital institutions do not occupy a time of opportunity, but it quickly set up a large number of project coverage of the most extensive early investment team, most of them from the industry, with professionalism and respect for entrepreneurs to win Word-of-mouth.   Jingwei China has also become the first tier of brand influence with active investment, and has invested nearly 100 companies in the past 5 years. Wan Haoki in 2008 and Jingwei China's two founding management partners Zhang Ying and Shao Yipo set up the investment company, he is ...

Scanning mobile internet industry to get through the economic development

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology hall throughout the Internet's vertical development trend, it is infiltrating into various fields in an all-pervasive mode. The development and popularization of the Internet, the increasing number of netizens, accelerated the rapid development of E-commerce. Embedded in Mobile internet marketing, E-commerce and other emerging applications, convenient and fast, and not limited by time and geographical constraints. Companies to see the mobile Internet good economic development prospects, have developed their own mobile phones, to the greatest extent possible to develop the software program can be very good ...

Internet users to break through 500 million, mobile web will become a hot investment and application

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) January 16 in Beijing issued the 29th China Internet Development Statistics Report, as at the end of December 2011, the scale of Chinese Internet users exceeded 500 million.   Internet penetration rate has dropped, the overall growth of netizens into the platform period. Internet users to break 500 million, mobile internet will become investment and application of hot reports show that by the end of December 2011, China's internet users reached 513 million, the whole year added 55.8 million netizens, internet penetration rate of 4%, to 38 ...

Mobile phone China Zhang Yang talk about mobile internet era site how to break through

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall "The guidance" recently, the data of the media consultation release, the 2011 domestic handset user Total has reached 930 million, and the handset surfer user already exceeded 390 million, expected the year will surpass 400 million mark. In addition, according to Dcci Internet Data Center forecast, by 2013 Chinese handset Netizen will reach 720 million, mobile Netizen will surpass computer netizen.   Based on this, some industry experts believe that "domestic mobile internet has entered the era of rapid development." Accompany mobile phone ...

The ups and downs of the Internet era through the failure history of 17 Chinese start-up companies

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall This article has counted the Chinese 17 pioneering company's effort and the failure experience, among them many million tang, cool 6, the blog China, the Rice No, the street and so on the big brand, is worth the reference and the reference. 1, billion Tang network many people still remember the 2000 Beijing Street appeared large and small billion tang billboard, "Today you are billion tang" that sentence imitate Yahoo advertising words really let billion tang scenery for a while. Yi Tang wants to be a comprehensive Internet portal for young Chinese. They define the year of China ...

Mobile internet users break through the advent of the 300 million mobile age

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) has published the 27th China Internet Development Status Statistics report. The report shows that by the end of December 2010, China's mobile phone users up to 303 million, mobile internet users in the overall proportion of users from the end of 2009 to 66.2%.   Mobile Internet users still constitute the main driving force for China's overall internet users to climb. 3G Commercial Mobile internet users over 300 million CNNIC pointed out the mobile phone network ...

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