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Webdriver to automate the opening of the Google page in IE and implement search _java

Webdriver Automation to open ie in the Google Web page and implementation of search, you need to import Webdriver-related jar package, set the environment variable. Copy Code code as follows: Package com.feng.domain; Import Org.openqa.selenium.By;Import Org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver;Import org.openqa.selenium.WebElement;Import;Import org.openqa.

Selenium+python Crawling Network pictures (1)--Soso, Google, good search

solve the problem of crawling dynamic sites? The answer is to use the selenium library to simulate the browser open page loading completely after processing. This solution can refer to the blog post, which summarizes 4 scenarios in which the use of selenium is better suited for this task.This article gives a picture crawler based on Soso search engine, which is

Selenium run H5 Web page using Google Chrome's own phone simulator

Background: The first to use mobile phone simulation H5 page run automation, found often because of the app connection or network reasons, such as a series of circumstances, resulting in M version (H5 page) Use cases run, want to run through the browser's own mobile phone simulator, to ensure stabilityThe browser comes with an emulator such as:Code implementation Logic Public classruntest {webdriver driver; @BeforeClass Public voidBeforeclass () {System.setproperty ("", "R

Google Google search using tips

Do you really use search engines? Today I teach you in the consulting rich world of the Internet, using Google to do effective search, access to the operational knowledge you need it! Some of the functions that are commonly used in Google's search are as follows:

360 executives say they will stop using Google search to use their own search technology

. In addition, the current 360 search "question and answer" option to the default jump to Baidu know, in the jump to Baidu know, Baidu will be on the page above prompts users should Baidu set as the home page. Baidu prompts users: "You are through the ' odd Tiger search ' access to Baidu know, if you want to get a complete quality Baidu search experience, you can

10 search tips for using Google search engine

10 tips to know about using Google The content of this article is taken from IMOOC WebTo find the ladder of the small partner, this technique Baidu search engine I have not tried There are a lot of times, in the use of search engines, search results are not satisfactory, be

Google will help you search by using your keywords on the target website and directly give you the search result page?

The title may be a bit confusing, but I failed to pass the Chinese language in high school. It was really hard for me to describe this new discovery in a short language ...... Let's talk about it. It's the search result page that tnooz blog bloggers get after Google searches for hotels. Note the search results of, which lists the names and prices of t

9 of the Ajax Learning Series: using the Google Ajax search API

or code segment without any help, but you do not have the data or resources you need at hand. In these cases, even with tutorials or open source code scripts, more things are needed. For example, consider adding a search engine to a Web page. The premise is that you already have the data you want to search for-but what if you want to search for data outside your

Mastering Ajax, part 9th: Using the Google Ajax Search API

. You can often find the code you need, even the entire script, and there are helpful comments and descriptions of how it works. Using the public API Many times, you will experience a technical problem. You don't need help to write a script or a piece of code, but you don't have the data or resources on hand. In these cases, even with tutorials or open source scripts, more needs to be made. For example, consider adding a

[Go] Using the Google Maps API search feature

call SetCenter can be based on the coordinates point center map, because there is information window, sitting punctuation Center does not necessarily make the information window completely visible, but should be lower than some, Call Map.panby (New Gsize (-40,100)) method to animate the specified distance (left: 40px, bottom: 100px), and be aware that many of the methods in the Google Maps API are animated, It may be implemented by settimeout to dela

Google search results show significant changes using the navigation path on the page to replace the page URL string

Google search results show significant changes using the navigation path on the page to replace the page URL string The page url at the bottom of each Google search result is changed to the website navigation path, which is from the navigation bar on the page. You can direc

AOL launches paid search service using Google technology

April 7 News, according to foreign media reports, Time Warner AOL Department recently said that the next Monday for advertisers to launch the "AOL search Market" paid search service, the service will use Google's AdWords technology, so that advertisers can better understand AOL users of the Internet habits. In December 2005, Google bought a stake of AOL worth 1 b

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