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Recommend a compact Mysql database backup script (PHP) without a virtual host _mysql

The recent work often need to back up the MySQL database on the remote server to the local computer, a direct backup of the MySQL data directory, but because of different coding reasons often arise. Later, my friend recommended me to use a very

[Go] Three ways to backup Linux under SVN

(This example is based on the Freebsd/linux implementation, the Windows environment please make the appropriate changes)An important mission of configuration management is to ensure the security of the data, to prevent the server should be hard disk

MySQL backup script, mysql script _ PHP Tutorial

MySQL backup script and mysql script. MySQL backup script, mysql script mysqlbackup. php :? Php backup mysqlset_time_limit (0); date_default_timezone_set (PRC); configuration $ configsarray (host1array (localh MySQL backup script, mysql

Three SVN backup methods in Linux

(The example in this article is implemented based on FreeBSD/Linux, and you need to modify it on your own in the Windows environment)An important mission of configuration management is to ensure data security and prevent the catastrophic

MySQL backup script, MySQL script _php tutorial

MySQL backup script, MySQL script mysqlbackup.php: Php//backup MySQL Set_time_limit(0); Date_default_timezone_set (' PRC '); //Configuration $configs=Array( ' Host1 ' =Array( ' localhost ', ' root ', ' root ',Array(),//

MySQL backup script and mysql script

MySQL backup script and mysql script Mysqlbackup. php: array ('localhost', 'root ', 'root', array (), // empty to back up all databases; otherwise, back up these databases 'd:/xampp/mysql/bin/mysqldump ', // backup tool dirname (_ FILE __).

_php tutorial for implementing MySQL database backup and Linux auto-timed backup code in PHP

The article introduced two kinds of database record code, one is our PHP write common database backup class, the other is for Linux friends to provide an automatic timing backup MySQL database code, the need for students can refer to. Save the

Php database backup script _ PHP Tutorial

Php database backup script. Php database backup script code :? Php backup database $ hostlocalhost; $ userroot; database account $ password; database password $ dbname php database backup script Php database backup script The code is as follows:   

Xtrabackup Backing up large databases (full backup and incremental backup)

XtrabackupXtrabackup is a free database hot backup software Percona open source, which can back up non-blocking database of InnoDB database and XTRADB storage engine (also need to add a table lock for MyISAM backup);The mysqldump backup method is a

PHP database backup Script _php tutorial

PHP Database backup Script PHP Database backup Script The code is as follows:    Backing Up the database $host = "localhost"; $user = "root"; Database account $password = ""; Database Password $dbname = "MySQL"; Database name The account number,

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