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Kabbah server upgrade (solves the problem that the server cannot be upgraded due to the earthquake (12310125 and 307 can be upgraded ))

Kabbah server upgrade)Currently, you can directly upgrade 307 from the official website (For details, refer to this post). in this forum, the 307 upgrade server is in the test architecture phase (not announced for the moment)---------------

iOS Basics Questions Series (i)-answer

"tim's blog"ios basic question and Answer Question series (a)-with answers"tim's blog"ios basic question and Answer Question series (ii)-with answers"tim's blog"ios basic question and Answer question series (iii)-with answers"tim's blog"ios basic

Linux File System Operation commands

Linux File System Operation Command: 1. cat: displays the file content (often used with more), or combines multiple files into one. 2. chgrp: used to change the user group to which a file or directory belongs. The command parameters are separated by

Linux File System Operations Command

Linux File System Operations CommandFile System Operations Command:1. Cat: You can display the contents of a file (often with more), or combine multiple files into one file.2. CHGRP: Used to change the user group to which the file or directory

Pjsua help manual (Chinese)

Address: Introduction Pjsua is an open-source command line SIP User proxy (soft phone), which is implemented using pjsip protocol, pjnath, and pjmedia. Although it only has a simple command line interface, it is

Full Chinese version of PHP.ini

Chinese PHP is also a continuous development of tools, its function is still constantly cut; and php.ini settings change can reflect a considerable change; Before using the new PHP version, it would be helpful to look at the php.ini. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

American Group HD (4)-two-level linkage effect

djnavdropview.m#import "DJNavDropView.h"#import "DJCategory.h"#import "DJNavMainCategoryCell.h"#import "DJNavSubCategoryCell.h"@interfaceDjnavdropview () /** Main category*/@property (Weak, nonatomic) Iboutlet UITableView*Maintableview;/**

Vuejs basic knowledge and project summary

1, Build:dev-server.js is executed when the terminal command is started, it can modify the port number (modify the 16th line)2, index.html is the entire file entranceSRC is the file you wrote.3, Main.js is the main logical entrance of the current

iphone Live call Open source Framework Pjsip compile-pjsua run test

iphone real-time call in the open source framework, PJSIP is a relatively streamlined framework, more than Linphone good compile. The following steps are described in compiling the run.First, compile the operating environment:iphone:5.1.1, System: 10

Install nginx + tomcat in Centos6.2x64

Install nginx + tomcat in Centos6.2 _ x64 1. Website requirements: Brief Introduction to website architecture: Our company is an e-commerce company. Now, the online running environment is Load Balancing Based on a hardware F5, which uses nginx and

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