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Python scans proxy and gets a list of available proxy IPs

= str (data2[1].string) Port = str (data2[2].string) types = str (data2[5].string). lower () proxy = {} Proxy[types] = '%s:%s '% (ip,port) try:p Roxy_check (PROXY,IP) except Exception,e:print e passdef proxy_check (proxy,ip): url = ' ' r = requests.get (url = url,proxies =

Programming history of C ++-based proxy list spider

1. First of all, I am familiar with how to download HTML files from the web page to a local machine. Because c ++ is called as an EXE, I did not consider using related classes in MFC, so I searched the internet, it is found that libcurl can be used to download HTML files better. Although libcurl functions are limited in this way, it is quite useless, however, since there is existing code on the Internet, you can directly use the libcurl on the Internet to download HTML code from webpages. # Incl

Java.lang.NoSuchMethodException:com.sun.proxy. $Proxy 58.list Error Resolution _java

Java.lang.NoSuchMethodException:com.sun.proxy. $Proxy 58.list Error Resolution The web ssh always has some unexpected exception, many of which are careless or careless. Therefore, the solution will be different, other people appear to your abnormal solution may be invalid, like the above I reported the exception, Baidu many many times, give me the answer is nothing more than a sentence on AOP, but very sor

Oneproxy FAQ's Proxy-user-list

Oneproxy the ability to manage multiple master-slave clusters is required to implement a split-table.The startup script is truncated as follows:#################################################--proxy-master-addresses=[email protected] \--proxy-master-addresses=[email protected] \--proxy-user-list

Python Get IP Proxy list crawler

Recently practice writing crawler, originally climbed a few mm chart to do the test, but climbed to dozens of pieces of time will return 403 error, this is the site server found, I was blocked.Therefore, you need to use proxy IP. In order to facilitate later use, I intend to write an automatic crawling IP agent crawler, is so-called, Ax, after reading High school again work!First look at the results of the operation:    function returns a listTalk les

Use a proxy to perform C # list distinct operations

The model is often used in c # programming, and the list is often used to store entity sets. Therefore, various list operations are designed, and list sorting and searching are common, comparison, deduplication. In general, if you want to repeat the list, if you use the linq distinct method, you will encounter some pit

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