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Shell script php (RPM) is a bit like the Perl CGI way. :)

PHP cgi|perl Shell Script Way Why is PHP so red? Recently, PHP (Personal hypertext preprocessor) seems to have become the most widely used web-processing language in the last two years, and its convenience, powerful features and opensource

Extensions to PHP installation MongoDB in Linux

Environment Description: centos5.6 32bit PHP 5.2.17 PHP Installation Path/usr/local/php Phpize Path/usr/bin Php-config Path/usr/bin PHP.ini Path/etc/ 1. First download the PHP mongodb extension Download MongoDB's extended source package from

Features of PHP scripts

Script PHP is a scripting language that can write Web pages that contain embedded code that can be executed as long as the page is accessed, and the code can generate dynamic content to be sent to the client's Web browser as part of the output. This

8 Tips for PHP scripts (8) PHP and XML

xml| Tips | Script PHP contains an optional XML extension that supports the expat parser. PHP and XML-related functions allow you to create a parser to handle valid XML documents. If you are using the Apache version after the 1.3.7, then you don't

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