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What are the alternative functions of Dropbox?

Lu songsong is also using the Dropbox service, it is very good to synchronize documents between multiple computers, because Dropbox is Wall, so access to Dropbox needs to Use https, that is, any Web site will use, however,

Centos website server uses the DropBox regular backup solution

Not long ago, due to the DS issue, many of the previous data were lost. although not very important, I also learned the importance of data backup. As a webmaster, no matter whether it is a virtual host, vps or a single server, it is very important

Advanced usage of Dropbox free online storage

Dropbox and Live Mesh are common network storage services that can share and synchronize files on multiple computers. Microsoft's Live Mesh provides 5 GB space, the initial free space provided by Dropbox is 2 GB, which can be increased to 5 GB by

6 tips for using Dropbox free space

Both Dropbox and Live Mesh are commonly used network storage.Service, which can implement multiple computersFile Sharing and synchronization, MicrosoftThe Live Mesh of is provided with 5 GB space, while the initial free space provided by Dropbox is 2

Dropbox + pinpkm = anytime, anywhere Knowledge Management

By visionwei   I believe you have some experience with pinpkm. We will introduce how to use Dropbox and pinpkm. Dropbox is a synchronous backup software with a server and client (but only one task can be used during use ). You can go to the

Dropbox is a practical and free file network synchronization, backup, and sharing tool.

It is common to have multiple computers or friends who often use different computers. I believe many of my friends use USB flash drives to store some of their daily usage. Program , Work Composition Files and other documents so that they can work

How to do the site backup is a qualified webmaster

If you are a webmaster, you must know what the site means for the webmaster. In the face of the complex network environment, every webmaster in order to ensure the normal operation of the site, need to add Shipi carefully. But a lot of things we can'

Free Site Backup service: Multi-backup experience

5 years ago, I introduced a piece of software in my blog called the Moonlight Box. It is through the FTP to your website backup, you can also through the FTP two sites to synchronize data.Now, the Moonlight box has not been done for two years.Back,

SQL Server database automatic backup tool SQLBackupAndFTP (comprehensive functions)

The SQL Server database automatic backup tool SQLBackupAndFTP (fully functional) is mainly used to automatically back up the database, restore the database with one click, and send the backup database log report to the mailbox, automatically

Easy-to-use SQL Server database Automatic Backup tool SQLBACKUPANDFTP (full featured)

Reprint:'s good. SQL Server database Automatic Backup tool SQLBACKUPANDFTP (full featured)The main tool is to automatically back up the database, one-click Restore database, send backup database log

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