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Debian Software Package Manager: dselect usage Summary

Content: Steps for installing a software package using dselect Select the installation media Update Available Software Package Database Select Software Package Install software package Configuration package Delete unused software packages Exit,

Debian + vsftpd + MySQL implement virtual user _ MySQL

I used vsftpd + mysql to log on as a virtual user a few days ago. I will share my Cainiao notes with you. if you have any questions, please note that this article is not suitable for Linux's HTML version: guitarbug.googlepages.comvsftpdmysql.html ---

Debian + vsftpd + MySQL for virtual user zz

Debian + vsftpd + MySQLImplementationVirtual userThe implementation method of zz is what we will introduce in this article. Next we will start to introduce this process one by one. I. Requirements 1. Virtual User Login Because the postfix + MySQL

Debian VPS Website Automatic backup script sharing

The Debian system takes up less memory and is load balanced, but without control panel, management can only be managed through SSH using Linux commands. It's really troublesome for people unfamiliar with Linux commands. This article will detail step-

Debian/ubuntu Linux: Using HOSTAPD to build wireless access points (WAP)

Nixcraft published on August 25, 2012, updated on July 9, 2014, applicable to Debian/ubuntu, network, UBUNTU LINUX, wireless network.We have an idle USB wireless adapter (WiFi adapter), and our ISP router is wired. How do we turn our home NAS

WEBRTC Server Setup

1.WebRTC Backend Service: Room server for callsThe room server is used to create and manage call session status maintenance, is the two sides call or multiparty calls, join and leave the room and so on, we temporarily follow the Google

Debian service management

For debian service management, we can use the method of selective shutdown to accelerate startup and improve system performance. Here we install a software: sudoapt-getinstallsysv-rc-confsudosysv-rc-conf in this software, you can use the keyboard's

Debian installation settings

Debian installation setup notes-Linux Release Technology-Debian information. See the following for details. 1. if the 2.6 kernel is used, enter linux26 when starting the boot; otherwise, the 2.4 kernel is used by default. You can also enter

Install apache,mysql,php under "Linux" Debian

First, update your source:[Plain]View Plain Copy $ sudo apt-get update First Step-Install ApacheApache is an open source software that is currently running on more than 50% servers worldwide and is one of the LAMP

How to install Discourse on Debian 9

Discourse is a modern, open-source discussion and forum system. Visit the official site to get a demonstration and decomposition of the current feature set. This tutorial will teach you how to use the Docker CE Setup dialog on Debian 9.Create a new

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