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Processing of CLOB, blob, and JSON types when JPA is ported to PostgreSQL

Tags: get reason post problem extends Java RAC for SIGFirst, the summaryThe current project was originally based on Oracle development and is now being ported to PostgreSQL. Given that JPA has been used to achieve object persistence, the leader has

Oracle JDBC Memory Management--oracle White Paper August 2009 ____oracle

Original: Http:// Introduction Oracle JDBC drivers may use a large amount of memory. This is a conscious design choice to weigh before using a lot of memory and improving performance

Blob type resolution in an Oracle database

Tags: des style http tar ext colorOracle's BLOB field is special, and he performs much better than a long field, and can be used to save binary data such as a sample.Writing BLOB fields and writing to other types of fields is very different because

Working with LOBs in Oracle and PHP

Label:Original link: Working with LOBs in Oracle and PHPby Harry FuecksHitting the 4,000-byte limit? Enter lobs ...

Go Oracle DB-Enhanced Data security management

Tags: des blog http ext get comdescribe how securefiles improves the performance of large object (LOB) data types? Access the securefiles using SQL and PL + + APIs Manage Corporate Information Organizations need to manage many types of

Oracle Query Statement Encyclopedia (Oracle Basic Command Encyclopedia one) _oracle

1.create user username identified by password;//build username and password Oracle 2.grant CONNECT,RESOURCE,DBA to username;//authorize Grant CONNECT,RESOURCE,DBA,SYSDBA to username; 3.connect username/password//Enter. table_name,column_name

Parsing Oracle 11g: Enhancing management functionality reusing XML

Oracle's latest database products began to enter beta status at the end of last year, with Oracle releasing hundreds of feature improvements in the initial beta release. As one of the world's largest

In-depth understanding of Oracle 12c Database Management (second edition) PDF

Tags: preparing use case naming list document mirroring normal table backup SPFile ATIOne: Download get location:Second: The book Pattern:Three: The book Directory: Book catalog: 1th Install Oracle 1.1 learn OFA 1.1.1 Oracle manifest

Oracle database replication Common scripts

oracle| Script | data | database Oracle database replication Common scripts (Shi July 30, 2001 17:30) Oracle data replication is a relatively mature technology in Oracle database products and is an important part of the entire distributed computing

Index type of Oracle database and its Application scenario ___ database

Logically:Single Column Single-line indexConcatenated multiple rows IndexUnique Unique indexNonunique Non-Unique indexfunction-based Function IndexDomain Field IndexIn physics:Partitioned Partitioning Indexnonpartitioned Non-partitioned indexB-tree:N

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