oracle database security audit scripts

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My highest goal in this company-IT audit, data analysis, audit management practice plan

The company has been in the company for three years. I also need to know my position and final goal in this company. This problem has been taken into consideration for a long time, mixed with the status quo and trends of the industry, and I have

Use Oracle's security External Password Store feature to implement a password-free login database

Use Oracle's security External Password Store feature to implement a password-free login databaseAuthor: Zhao Full text network name: Guestart650) this.width=650; "Src="

Oracle Security useful scripts for Auditing

OracleSecurity tips by Burleson Consulting This is an excerpt from the bestselling book "Oracle Privacy Security Auditing", a complete Oracle Security Reference with working Oracle Security scripts.  Useful scripts for Auditing To see what

Linux system security Audit tool Lynis

Lynis is an open-source system security Audit Utility tool that consists of a series of shell scripts that form a comprehensive security-check tool for systems, accounts, processes, and other levels of security risks and are listed in an intuitive

MOS-Oracle Database (DocID1533057.1)

Install, upgrade, downgrade, and migrate Document15253351OPatch-where can I find the latest version of OPatch? [Video] Document15253961 cross-OS platform migration OracleDBDocument15257771 how to downgrade from database 112

MOS-Oracle Database (DocID1533057.1)

Installation/upgrade/downgrade/migration Document 1525335.1 OPatch-Where can I find the latest OPatch? [Video] Document 1525396.1 migrate Oracle DB across OS platforms How to downgrade Document 1525777.1 from database 11.2 to a previous version

Oracle manual database creation

2. Create a parameter file. In fact, the content of each database in the parameter file is similar. We only need to change some content in the middle, so we Copy the orcl parameter file, 2. Create a parameter file. In fact, the content of each

Oracle manual database creation

Manual database creation 1. manually create a database 1. Create a folder. (Based on the directory in/u01/app/Oracle/admin/orcl, we also created it)$ Mkdir-p/u01/app/oracle/admin/mydb/adump$ Mkdir-p/u01/app/oracle/admin/mydb/bdump$

Security of Oracle listeners

1. Set the listener password [mandatory] Setting the listener password can prevent most attacks. This is usually a simple process. You can use LSNRCTL to set a password. The password will be encrypted and stored in the listener. ora file. You can

What is DBA? How to become a DBA?

  Although this is a foreign translation article at the beginning of 99, many contents are also suitable for today's DBA.In recent years, I have been dealing with database administrators and have directly interviewed many DBA jobs. This article will

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