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What is the META tag in HTML? Introduction to META Tag properties

This chapter introduces you to the META tags in HTML. An introduction to the properties of the META tag. Have a certain reference value, the need for friends can refer to, I hope to help you. What is a meta tag? The META tag is a key tag in the

Mobile front end has to understand HTML5 head tag--meta tag

Tags: cache search box ISO width target iOS sig availability purposeMeta tagsThe META tag is an accessible tag in the head of the HTML, which is located between the header of the HTML document <head> and the <title> tag, which provides

Meta Tag Details

Label:Meta labelFirst, Name property (page description information)1, Parameters: Keywords (keywords)<meta name= "keywords" content= "web keywords" >Description: A list of keywords for search enginesHint: Each keyword is separated by commas ","

The role and collation of meta tags

Tags: there is an exp refresh two sexual issues plink background Color tool microsoftReproducedThe use of META tags was a problem I had been puzzled over for some time in front of my learning. On the one hand is not very understanding the use of

HTML Initial Learning 1-<meta>

Label:(In fact, there is not necessarily 2 ...) ) W3school is a good place, can not remember to check, how good The main is to put some of my study examples, if I forget, I write the right to turn over, I study the current purpose of HTML is not to

Detailed description of the meaning of the html<head> head tag element and the usage scenario

Label:Html<head> the first part of the label, the element has many, involves the browser to the webpage the rendering, the SEO and so on, but each browser kernel as well as each domestic browser manufacturer has own label element, this causes

Where does the head tag in HTML look? Summary of the function of head tag

This article mainly introduces the role and elements of the head tag in HTML, and explains where the head tag in HTML can be found, so let's take a look at the article. First, let's see where the head tag in HTML is found. Head tags are generally

Web front End "first" HTML basis one (tag)

Tags: keyword data relative sock common basic content default endFirst, the initial HTML1.web Service EssenceImport Socketsock=socket.socket (Socket.af_inet,socket. Sock_stream) Sock.bind (("", 8800)) Sock.listen (5) While 1: print

My eldest brother tidy up the HTML tag SEO specification

Tags: des style http strong file IO1. <!--page comments--2. <html>3. <head>4, <meta http-equiv= "Content-type" content= "text/html; charset=gb2312 ">5, <meta Http-equiv=content-language content=zh-cn>6. <title> Page

HTML page The meaning and application scenario of head tag element

Label:It is believed that before HTML5, few people would care about the definition and application of the tag element in the head of the HTML page, and probably remember that only "title", "keyword" and "description" were used to understand the new

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