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The use of C # language learning-while,do-while,switch-case int a = 13; do {a-=4;} while (a>4); Console.WriteLine (a);

Label:1.while:Convert for to while,a//for (int i = 1; i <=; i++) {loop body;}B//int i=1;-------in front of the whilewhile (i<=10) {loop body; i++;}The difference between the two is that the for parenthesis contains: initial conditions, cyclic

Swift Learning-use if and switch to perform conditional operations, use For,while, and Do-while to cycle (iii)

Tags: article let integer operation while loop center string intSwift Learning-use if and switch for conditional operation, use For,while, and do-while to cycle//switch supports arbitrary types of data and a variety of operations- - not only

A brief talk on the loop while, Do...while, for, foreach four kinds of cyclic _php instances in PHP

A while loop in PHP that iterates through the number of code block attempts, or loops through code blocks when the specified condition is true. ------------------------------------------------------------- When we write code, we often need a block

Examples of while, Do...while, for, foreach four loops

in PHPWhile loop , the number of times the code block is executed, or the loop executes the code block when the specified condition is true. ------------------------------------------------------------- When we write code, we often need a block

Use of While,do while and for loop statements

Label:I. Use of the While// Loops int i = ten; while (i > 0) { if(i==8) {i--; Continue ;//Skip} SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN (--i); if (i==5) Break ;} // If Loop statement Break

To explain the nested use of C + + do While loops and loop statements _c language

Using Do-while statements to form loopsThe Do-while statement is characterized by executing the loop body first, and then judging whether the cyclic condition is tenable. Its general form is: Do statement while (expression); It

Why does the Mysqli class use a foreach to fetch only one row, while the while loop pulls out multiple rows of data?

I am a novice, there is a problem please help, is to use the Mysqli class, the data table test has 5 rows of data, with the Foreach function can only take out the first row, the others are not taken out, while using while can be removed 5 rows, why?

Cyclic structure For,while,do. While

Label:Loop structureOverview of the circular structure: when a given condition is established, the procedure is executed repeatedly until the condition is not established.Looping structure: The loop executes the same block of code again and

If,while differences in the use of various languages

If,while differences in the use of various languages If,while, such as the branch loop structure, inherits external scopes, that is, external variables are visible inside the branch loop structure. However, the C language does not support if,while,

JavaScript while and do-while cyclic usage

While loop A while statement, similar to an if statement, has conditions to control the execution of a statement (or statement block), and its language structure is essentially the same:while (conditions) {statements;} A while statement differs fro

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