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Simple Machines forum (SMF) 2.0 session hijacking and repair

Simple Machines forum (SMF) 2.0 session hijacking Found by The X-C3LL and seth  Website: http://www.simplemachines. org/ SMF stops csrf attacks sending a session token in all the requests wich make changes to the forum. Usually, it goes in the POST

Simple Machines Forum & amp; lt; = 2.0 RC4 Sesc thef

# Exploit Title: Simple Machines Forum # Author: Xianur0# Author Mail: xianur0.null [at] gmail.com# Software Link: http://www.simplemachines.org Exploit Code: [Img] http://www.bkjia.com/exploit.php#/img] Now need to someone with permissions to cite

Discuz forum for NFS mounting in LAMP in CentOS

1. Experiment description 1. Load Balancing through DNS 2. Mount the NFS Network File System for the web server to ensure data synchronization between the two web Servers 3. Lab platform environment 1) Load Balancing Between Two Apache servers 2) A

Copying and pasting text between virtual machines and hosts

We often execute commands in a Linux shell under a virtual machine platform, such as compiling or running some programs, and then trying to copy the wrong code or run to a Windows platform and paste it into an online forum for help. But directly

Install Vbox and create virtual machines using ssh commands

PrefaceThis blog mainly describes how to install Vbox on Ubuntu Server, and whether you have created or imported an existing virtual machine.This blog is not original. It mainly comes from three websites: VBox Forum, VBox Docs, and an unknown

Use the liunx Service (mysql database installation and the legendary LAMP installation [Forum building ])

First, let's explain the differences between the source code package and the rpm package. Although it is not comprehensive, it is absolutely correct. Differences between the source code package and the rpm package for mysql Installation 1. linux

Build a Hadoop environment (using virtual machines to build two Ubuntu systems in a Winodws environment)

We plan to build a Hadoop environment on Friday (we use virtual machines to build two Ubuntu systems in the Winodws environment ). Related reading: Hadoop0.21.0 source code process analysis workshop We plan to build a Hadoop environment on Friday

Free page-hanging machine making money is it true? What are the ways to make money from hanging machines

This year's game studio is not very good to do, has not found a good project. Often nbe see the experience of the great gods share! Chance to see the Game Demo Platform page tour and hand tour demo money ideas. Anyway did not find the project, when

Exploring Java Virtual machines-memory management and garbage collection

See: http://blog.yemou.net/article/query/info/tytfjhfascvhzxcyt1061. Data area of Java Virtual runtime2. Common Memory Area adjustment parameters-XMS: The initial heap size, default is the physical memory of 1/64 (-XMX: Maximum heap size, default

Understand static code blocks and construct code blocks from the perspective of virtual machines.

Understand static code blocks and construct code blocks from the perspective of virtual machines. A static code block is a code block modified with the static keyword. A code block is executed only once before the class constructs a code block or

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