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Site was K21 after the successful recovery of the record

Since Baidu 6.28 incident, many sites by K. The younger brother website also calculates one of them, by K is a hair not to be left. younger brother also searched a lot of sites by K recovery article. In its own website as an example, summed up a few

UNIX-based Web server Security Guide

UNIX-based Web server Security Guide One. Security vulnerabilities Vulnerabilities on Web servers can be considered in the following ways: 1. Secret files, directories, or important data that you do not have access to on a Web server. 2. When

Apache Configuration SSL secure connection under Windows

What is SSL? SSL (Secure Socket Layer): is a secure protocol for HTTP transmissions that ensures that data between the client and the Web server is secure through certificate authentication. Open SSL Download Address:

SEO Diagnosis reminds you: website is punished do not act rashly

We often in some webmaster forum, Baidu know some places to see some webmaster due to the site was punished for the post, but also a lot of webmaster directly send mail to some of their trusted seoer, however, although there are a lot of

How to enhance the security of an Access file

For personal sites, by the conditions of the establishment of the restrictions, Access database has become the majority of personal webmaster preferred. However, the Access database itself has a lot of security implications, and once an attacker

The eight factors that affect website rankings

A few days ago, where the SEO in A5 published a "secret site rankings and what factors have nothing to do", did not expect repercussions some unexpected, in A5 click Rate Nearly 2000, the number of sites reprinted is also very good, many friends ask

Three measures to guarantee the security of website and set up database security

Database, the foundation of the website operation, the elements of the website survival, both individual users and enterprise users are very dependent on the support of the website database, however, many of the attackers who have ulterior motives

Analysis of Web server paralysis after the impact of search engines and remedial measures

"Background: One of my new station October 14 server problems, the site completely paralyzed inaccessible." Because the new station is just the beginning of Baidu is included every day, encountered a Web server failure is very worried about the

Play said SEO Black June site was inexplicably down right of waiting

Hello everyone, Zhu Weikun for a long time did not come to contribute, today to write an article on the June 22 of the mass site was Baidu down the right topic! On this topic, originally do not want to write anything, because too many people were

Novice Interpretation: Understanding Xml,ajax,sns,tag

Ajax|xml What is Ajax? Definition of Ajax Ajax is not a technology, it is actually several technologies, each of which has its own uniqueness, and together it becomes a powerful new technology. Ajax includes: XHTML and CSS Dynamic display and

Training 6: One months to quickly build 1000ip

Spring Festival before 30 days Sprint: Free website Construction Training 3 days a lesson 10 hours let your website quickly reach 1000 IPFree Training by the webmaster Graph King, will be 6 years experience in personal website and thousands of

Five key factors that affect the ranking of website keywords

Perhaps we see this title is the title of the party, or some friends are interested in coming in to see the impact of the site keyword ranking of the most important five factors incredibly not the chain listed in it, I would like to see you can say

With the Worm software mass will be down right?

In the last two or three days, there are a lot of worms friends of the site was K, and some said I did not worm marketing software to mass how to be k, and some said that my site did not move anything, why has been k? To know the Baidu algorithm is

Why site is not first in the home page and how to solve it

Site is not on the home page How to do, this is really a very headache things. Usually site is not a lot of webmasters are considered to be Baidu down right, before we also in the "talk about those who refuse you to exchange links reason" A article

Fast resolution of the site to reduce the rights of three: the site to reduce the right to solve

Hello everyone, in the previous two articles I have analyzed two aspects of the problem, one is to say that the site was down after some of the phenomenon, mainly in order to meet a similar phenomenon when you can soberly aware of the end of their

Analyze the reasons, performance and countermeasures of the site's search punishment

believe that whether to do SEO or as webmaster, will often encounter the site by the search engine down the right or even by K situation. In fact, this kind of situation is normal, even can say "not be down Right (K) stationmaster is not good

What does SNS mean?

Sns Recently, webmaster and the Internet Industry Circle QQ Group and discussion topics are hot talk about SNS this thing, the concept of it, many people do not understand, good, then this article will take you to know what is Sns,sns meaning? SNS,

Summarize the 8 consequences of server instability

Website server is the basic site of normal operation, like the foundation of the building, the board of the track once there is a problem, the loss must be very heavy. For Web site optimization, the site server is more important, many webmaster are

The reason of descending keyword rank and its solution

Recently heard a lot of friends said that their site's keywords dropped very bad, Peng Yuting maintenance of a website also encountered such a situation, a number of important keywords ranked in Baidu from the 2nd to 11th. The following Peng Yuting

Using PHP to capture remote images

  When we need to collect a Web page content on the Web, if the image on the target site to do the anti-theft chain, we directly collected pictures on their own site is not available. Then we use the program to download the image on the target

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