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25 beautiful WordPress magazine themes

WordPress is a free and open-source blog tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, which runs in a Web hosting service. Every month, WordPress Themes are developed by developers, and users like to use WordPress magazine

Site Building from scratch (vii) the perfect WordPress site

1, WordPress website front and back end commonly used language introduction and the operation processUsually a website is built in a way that requires a lot of technical support, especially in many computer languages. The construction of the site is

Several SEO optimization plug-ins in favor of WordPress blog

As the world's most popular blog template WordPress, its biggest advantage is that users can add plug-ins according to their needs, reasonable use of some plug-ins can make Web site optimization with less effort. Today touched for everyone to

Best WordPress static Cache plugin WP Super cache installation and use

WP Super Cache is the official WordPress developer Donncha Development, is currently the most efficient and most flexible wordpress static cache plug-in. It generates the entire Web page directly HTML files, so that the WEB server does not have to

2015 Most valuable 30 responsive WordPress themes

It must be admitted that WordPress is still the most popular and most easy-to-use content management system, the rational use of WordPress theme can make your website incarnation tens of millions, adapt to different needs, whether it is a news

From Baidu adjust mobile search algorithm to see SEO industry direction change

Since 2012, SEO industry for the "user experience" the concept of more and more deep understanding. Many people in the industry have raised the importance of enhancing the user experience to the weight of the search engine. I also published the "2012

Responsive web design and mobile internet

Article Introduction: since the design of the response Web page has been proposed, the controversy has been continuous, in fact, there are only two core issues: the contradictions between too many resource requests and limited terminal support,

How to make your mobile website faster

Performance testingThe first step in optimizing mobile performance is to perform performance testing. Currently, there are a lot of free and paid resources available in the industry to complete this step. However, my favorite is Google Chrome

Overview of front-end page optimization (4)

Through the previous articles, you should have mastered many methods to optimize your website. Now your website is loading very fast, but you must constantly monitor your website and understand its size changes. Otherwise, it may become a fat man

What developers should know about Web performance and Web performance Optimization Tutorial: How to optimize a site picture?

Http://www.wtoutiao.com/p/1deiv1x.html Web performance that developers should know Concurrent Programming Network (Ifeve) · 2016-01-04 22:16 What's the difference between a fast and slow website? Is there a correct answer? No, unfortunately,

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