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Designing and developing SCA components using the Spring Framework, part 2nd

Designing and developing SCA components using the Spring Framework, part 2nd-Advanced techniques for using Apache Tuscany Brief introduction This series uses the Spring Framework to design and develop SCA components, part 1th: The Three Musketeers:

2005 Java Technology Annual review: integration and openness

2005 is the birth of JAVA10 10, the world's Java programmers in different ways to celebrate the birthday of Java, 10 years ago, a naïve little thing, today has become an important system of software industry. In the course of the development of the 1

Composite Application Model of Safeco


Safeco is an insurance company headquartered in Seattle, which offers cars, homes and small business insurance businesses. Safeco has built a nationwide network of agents. Surveys show that these agents highly endorse the company's current web sales

Use WBSF to dynamically invoke business services in SOA development, part 2nd (top)

Introduction In the previous article, we introduced the basic concepts and working principles of WBSF Dynamic invocation of business services. WBSF enables us to dynamically invoke business services based on service policies in SOA development.

Implementing a data persistence layer using the Ibatis framework in SCA module

When implemented using Java objects after SCA module modeling, the data persistence layer using Hibernate and IBATIS to implement SCA module is designed to provide SDO with data access services and accelerate the implementation of SCA modules. The

WebSphere Commerce and Sterling OMS Integration Solution (i) Preparing for integrated environments

Before you start About this tutorial In this tutorial, you will learn how to build an e-business platform for an integrated environment based on the WebSphere Commerce (WC) V7 Feature Pack 5 and Sterling OMS (SC) V9.2. WC and SC are two systems

Creating service-oriented flexible business solutions with WebSphere Business Services fabric (1)

About this series This series of articles describes how to leverage WebSphere Business Services Fabric V 6.0 to build SOA applications that use composite business services. This series includes the following sections: Part 1th: Business Services

Building SOA portfolio Business Services, part 1th: Developing SOA portfolio applications to support business services

Introduction Composite applications provide the ability to integrate existing service-oriented architecture (Service-oriented-architecture, SOA) services and/or create new services that can be combined in different ways. The key to composite

How to avoid deadlocks and lock timeouts in the WebSphere JDBC adapter

Introduction: When using WebSphere JDBC Adapter in WebSphere Process Server (WPS), you interact with the database frequently, performing database operations, transaction usage, and administration. In the case of a high load scenario, we found that a

SaaS SOA: Providing SOA services through SaaS

According to foreign media reports, there is now some demand for SOA services via the Internet. Dana Gardner, the boss of Cape Clear, an American ESB provider, has talked to the media about the possibility of providing SOA, an ESB as an integrated

Use WBSF to dynamically invoke business services in SOA development, part 2nd (next)


WBSF (WebSphere Business services Fabric) enables us to dynamically invoke business services based on service policies in SOA development. Through a concrete example, this paper describes how to dynamically invoke business services through the WBSF

Easy customization of your own EJB service with WebSphere Process Server 7

EJB is the Sun's server-side component model, and the most useful is deploying distributed applications. With the advantages of Java Cross-platform, distributed systems deployed with EJB technology can be limited to a specific platform. The EJB 3.0

How to buy hard disk


Hard disk is one of the important parts of the computer, not only expensive, stored information is priceless, therefore, each purchase of computer users want to choose a cost-effective, stable performance of a good hard drive, and in a period of

RAID disk array technology and data recovery principle


At present, the disk array technology is becoming more and more widely known. Disk array technology can be subdivided into several levels of 0-5 raid technology, and has developed the so-called RAID level 10, 30, 50 new levels. RAID is the

Tuscany Java Architecture Analysis


The Tuscany architecture is divided into the following 5 sections: SCA Standard 1.0API: These APIs are created according to the interfaces specified by the SCA Java 1.0 standard; Tuscany API: These Java classes implement and extend the

Building SOA portfolio Business Services, part 2nd

Part 2nd: Migrate business integration projects from WebSphere application Developer-ie v5.1 to WebSphere integration Developer v6.0.1 This article is part of a series that considers developing composite applications. Composite applications

Q&a compilation of "Send and receive short message via serial port"

On the "Send and receive short message through the serial port" topic, I will communicate with netizens, discuss some of the technical issues sorted into the following text. Hopefully this article will be helpful to more friends who are interested

Business process integration technology based on BPEL

Introduction Based on WebService, an SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) architecture is used to establish an enterprise business system solution, analyzing and clarifying the business process of the enterprise and defining the Web service to fit

Discussion on the creation and invocation of SCA component from spring example

Services-Oriented Architecture (service Component Architecture,sca) is one of the most cutting-edge technology concepts in the industry at present. But for many developers, how to design and develop on the SCA architecture is relatively abstract.

Best practices for developing and working with OSGI applications

Brief introduction OSGi modularity provides a standard mechanism for meeting common challenges with Java applications. In 2007, the OSGi Alliance Enterprise Expert Group (EEG) was established to introduce the OSGI infrastructure to business

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