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On the operation mechanism of JavaScript from settimeout

Objective Recently looking at some JavaScript asynchronous things, but due to limited time, just look at the beginning, had to stop halfway. In order to facilitate the future of the search for a return, it recorded a little experience, if it can

How to turn off the hibernate function of the Win7 system

Many times when we use the Win7 system, the computer will automatically go into standby or hibernate, before the small series has told you how to close the standby situation, so the following to see how to turn off the Win7 system sleep function.

In PHP is

  The first question to ask is, can is_file really replace file_exists? The answer is in the negative. Why? The reason is simple, is_file has a cache We can use the following code to test: The code is as follows: when we run the test code, we do

Win7 system how to remove redundant files in C disk

Win7 system how to remove redundant files in C disk First, we first turn off the Win7 system sleep function, can release up to 3G more space oh. "Run as Administrator, all programs → attachments → command Prompt", right-click to select "Run as

Windows 7 is only 2 seconds from sleep to wake-up

With the progress of Windows system, Microsoft also increasingly emphasizes the importance of sleep function. After sleep, the user can wake up the system in a few seconds, and the shutdown and then boot, I am afraid that time will be much longer,

Reason and solution of Win7 dormant error 0xc000007f

cause Analysis This error code is an access exception, check disk space found that the system disk space is less than the current memory size, the current memory 16G, the system disk space left only about 8G, resulting in the hibernation file

The delay function in C + +

1. Recommended sleep (); Ms VC + + can use MFC's sleep function, the parameter is milliseconds. Included in header file /*#include #include using namespace std; void main() { Sleep(1000); //延时1秒 cout Sleep(10000); // 注意S大写 cout }   */

The latest configuration tips for the Win 2003 system in 10 cases

As a server-specific operating system, Winows 2003 has made great progress in security, but it also caused the inconvenience of using the system process, this article for the example of 10 configuration Windows 2003 operating system tips, you can

Tips for reducing the volume of Windows 7 systems

When we use Windows 7, we find that the size of his system is between XP and Vista, but for some people still want Windows 7 to minimize the system. Here are three ideas that will get you what you want. First, set virtual memory correctly Memory

Set up Win7 Desktop shortcuts a button to let the computer hibernate

Do you know how to get the Win7 computer into hibernation? It may not be a problem for most users, and Win7 the Start menu, the shutdown, sleep, and hibernate can be easily found. But often use the sleep function users will feel that this operation

Windows Sleep Sleep Walkthrough

It can be faster than restarting after shutting down! And all the work before sleep can be inherited without requiring a reboot. If you do not use the computer for a long time, it is best to choose shutdown. Hibernation is a power-saving state

Erase the system sleep file so Vista takes up less of our hard drive

As we all know, the sleep function of the Microsoft operating system will cause the resources to occupy, Windows Vista as a member of Microsoft's operating system naturally also can not avoid. Oddly enough, even if sleep is banned, there is still a

How to shut down the Win7 system hibernate function

Many times when we use the Win7 system, the computer will automatically go into standby or hibernate, before the small series has told you how to close the standby situation, so the following to see how to turn off the Win7 system sleep function.

Win7 System Desktop set a key to lock the sleep shortcut method

After Vista and Windows7, "Sleep" function has been greatly enhanced, but also become more user-friendly, but still slightly cumbersome, the user needs is only two to complete the sleep function, from the network also have a lot of patching or

Sleep and alarm

Sleep function: #include unsigned int sleep (unsigned int seconds); This function causes the calling process to be suspended until one of the following conditions is met: 1 has passed the wall clock time specified by seconds 2 The calling

The Win7 system saves the computer memory the wonderful trick

1, such as QQ software, such as the biggest drawback is the system disk constantly read and write, which will cause system memory tension, we recommend that when you do not need to completely quit, and end the process and delete process files. If

How to save hard disk space on Windows 7 systems

After installing the Windows7 system, even if no applications are installed, C disk occupancy has reached more than 10G. In fact, there are some things we do not need, if we can take some of the things we do not need to remove from the hard drive

You don't know the C-disk space cleanup skills

first, the depth analysis 1, the SuperFetch function brings the application cache: In Windows Vista system, using the new technology features of SuperFetch, please refer to Windows Vista superfetch/prefetch technical details, Vista optimization:

What do you do with the C disk full?

What do you do with the C disk full? Which files can be deleted in C disk? Even if the software is not installed in C disk, daily use will also cause the reduction of C disk capacity, especially frequent updates, installation, uninstall some

Linux implementation of PHP timed cron task detailed

 linux PHP to implement a cron task on a timed basis There is no solution for PHP itself to perform timed tasks, but with the sleep function. This side is to do some early configuration, such as the implementation of the process: Code as follows:

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