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Switch interface and connection skills

The switch in our impression is as a LAN node connected network equipment, in fact it also exists in the WAN, and has been a large number of applications, especially in telecommunications operators, ATM switches and now Fibre Channel switches, but

HTML5 Storage API

Web storage is a very important feature introduced by HTML5 that can store data locally on the client side, similar to HTML4 cookies, but the functionality is much more powerful than cookies. Before a Web storage occurs, a remote Web server needs

Common problems and solutions in network management

Network management is to make the network reliable, safe, efficient operation of the protection. Modern network management focuses on the development of communication technology and information processing technology in all aspects of the results of

Switch and router device networking applications

Traditional switches and routers can not meet the needs of users, intelligence has become a trend in all walks of life, networking equipment, in this increasingly networked world, people constantly in new and different ways to use the communication

How to set up a secure switching system

The advent of the network era makes the security problem an urgent problem to be solved. The existence of viruses, hackers and various vulnerabilities makes security tasks difficult in the Internet age. The switch occupies an important position in

How Cisco switches query specific switch ports based on MAC-IP information

User Access Verification Password: Idc-3750g-12s-01>ping Type escape sequence to abort. Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds: !!!!! Success rate is percent (5/5), round-trip Min/avg/max = 1/1/1 ms

Analysis of problems in VoIP technology and application

For VoIP technology, there are many love, there are many hate. The following is a collection of six "difficult questions" about VoIP applications and reports in the past few years, as well as six reasons not to use VoIP. None of these questions will

Avoid 10 major errors during cabling

Integrated wiring is a modular and highly flexible information transmission channel between buildings or architectural complexes. It enables voice equipment, data equipment, switching equipment and various control equipment and information

Edge switch intelligence and performance balance

If the network's Edge devices integrate QoS, rate limits, ACLs, PBR, and sflow into the hardware chip, these intelligences will not affect the basic two-layer, three-layer wire-speed forwarding performance, Then the End-to-end Intelligent network

HBA and WWN Overview

1, first introduce what is the HBA. Here the HBA, the full name FC HBA, that is, fibre Channel Host bus Adapter. In a FC network, a host (such as a server) needs to connect to a FC network, FC storage device (such as a SAN), using an interface card,

The difference between routers and switches

Computer networks are often connected by a number of different types of network interconnections. If several computer networks are physically connected and cannot communicate with each other, then this "interconnection" has little practical meaning.

To crack the entire process of the switch cipher

Switches and routers need to have certain security, that is, to timely configure a reasonable password, then if the password forgotten how to do? I have encountered this time, due to job transfer, the former network administrator left the department,

The initial setting of the switch is important

Switch does not need to go through the initial configuration, direct access to the network can work properly, this is the development trend of the switch now. But this is a relatively unprofessional approach. Because if the relevant initialization

Easy to understand "Routing and switching"

Routing and switching are two important concepts in the network world. The traditional exchange occurs in the second layer of the network, which is the data link layer, while the routing occurs in the third layer, the network layer. In the new

Windows Recovery Console

1. The simplest use of the Recovery Console is to boot the system with the Windows installation CD-ROM (windows2000/xp/2003). Use the following steps: 1. Insert the Windows 2000 Startup disk into the floppy disk drive or insert the Windows CD-ROM

Windows 8.1 Operating system switches from Microsoft account to local account

Microsoft's new Windows 8.1 operating system has been improved on many features of the Win7 system we used to use, so it has a certain impact on the use of some users. For example, the system's multiple-account landing issues, Microsoft bold to

The contention of Network Technology road: Open or Closed

The evolution of it is a process of spiraling up. In the early days of large computers, it was the domain of its profession, all computer systems were closed, and a company offered services ranging from hardware to software and repair and even soft

Interoperability test of STM-1 interface between PSTN switch and transmission system

1 Introduction In order to adapt to the trend of broadband and grouping of telecommunication networks, PSTN switches are continuously improved and developed. The main direction of the development of PSTN switch is: To improve the exchange

How to configure the virtual Switch vswitch

When using a physical computer to connect to the physical switch through the physical network card to the network, on the virtual machine on a server usually has more than one network card, virtual machine directly and the virtual machine and the

Eclipse Startup Run Speed tuning

JVM switches to improve the performance of the JAVA IDE Submitted by small Scorpio on the August, 2:45 PM. Integration My laptop is P4 1.8G Dell c640 Memory 1g,eclipse 3.1 + myeclipse 4.0m2 speed is good. The running parameters are as follows:

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