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Microsoft's. NET contains all the technologies Microsoft had, and in a sense it is a new technology-but in fact these technologies have been with us for a long time. In this article, we mainly look at the development of. NET technology, from MS-DOS to Windows and then to ActiveX, which eventually appears. Net. C:/dos/run (MS-DOS) DOS has a turning point in the history of computers, and no one can operate the computer alone, but only by a group of users before it comes into existence. When DOS appeared in 1981, Novell sent out a set of software to enable a workgroup to work on a mutually binding computer, the original pc-based network. Other companies have also developed products like Telix, PCBoard and Wildcat, and have developed the first distributed open network with increasingly robust DOS applications, but everything has changed since the advent of Microsoft's Windows operating system. C:/windows/run (WIN31) The immediate advent of Windows is a GUI that even your grandmother might have used. MS-DOS is still running in Windows background. The first widely accepted product is Windows 3.1, which introduces a network in version 3.11, where users can share files and folders, and can send e-mail without using hidden instruction tools. Windows makes PC operations more streamlined, and suddenly it becomes easier to access large databases. With the simplification of the access, the load of the host is also increasing gradually, and the demand for the powerful network resources is put on the agenda. C:/windows/crash (WIN32) Microsoft began to think that regular, repeated releases of the new version would increase revenue. No product will meet the needs of all users, bugs also need to repair, so it is inevitable to upgrade and release new products. Each release will add new features (and, of course, bugs). The initial version of Win32 is Windows95, which is a major change from the win3.x and MS-dos 16-bit operating system to the WINDOWS95 32-bit operating system. This new release includes powerful network features and tools, as well as support for TCP/IP and automatic network connection/installation. Meanwhile, the world Wide Web has become a big part of the two versions of Microsoft's plan. To effectively support the network, the user must be connected to its ISPs, and eventually Microsoft releases two service versions and Window 98. activating the Internet (ActiveX) Bill. Gates first triggered the information revolution, he developed the operating system and software for the PC, and now he sniffed another opportunity to develop Internet software, in the middle of the 90, he told Microsoft's employees: To activate the Internet, thus, ActiveX technology was born. ActiveX rewrite Microsoft's pattern, is built on all Microsoft products based on the ole/com technology. It was just a trivial ActiveX in Microsoft's programming that contained all of the object-oriented Internet Technologies, and object-oriented procedures were very demanding, requiring all relevant parts to be coordinated.        ActiveX also extends this model, absorbing object-oriented content (like desktop applications, Web descriptions, etc.) or running environments (for example, when the Internet is slow). Once, Microsoft also intended to use Sun's Java technology as part of the ActiveX content, there is no doubt that such cooperation will benefit both sides. However, many lawsuits and antitrust cases came into being, and disintegration was inevitable. Dot net (. net) The appearance of. NET makes our eyes bright, and. NET technology follows Microsoft's technical style including ActiveX and DNA products. Its full support for open standards has made Microsoft a model in this regard. In the outside market, Microsoft software is almost everywhere, but the market is changing rapidly. The key is to remember that. NET is a server technology that has nothing to do with client software, even if you can use a cellular phone, PDA, watch, etc. instead of a PC. The client market is very common, the most important thing is the server ... or server farm. It is easy to develop a set of applications to track personal, professional, and other information about individuals or businesses, either MCSD, MCDBA, Perl, or any one of the Java guru. But using different theories and concepts and using different needs and resources to develop a set of applications is another matter, and it will be easy to integrate different systems with existing or potential public standards such as XML, which is one of the purposes of. NET. The competition in the server is obvious, Sun's Java and Microsoft's. NET. To flatten the level of competition while addressing the most important interoperability issues, there are some international standards: XML/SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL, as long as development projects support these agreements, so that they can be widely used over a long period of time. These protocols are the basis of. NET: Xml--extensible Markup language,xml is the standard format for Internet data. Soap--simple Object Access Protocol,soap is a format for standard business data methods. Uddi-universal Discovery and Description Interface. UDDI is a protocol that facilitates web-based BtoB transactions, and it enables dynamic transactions. Wsdl-web Services Description Language. WSDL is the XML format that describes the Web application service. . NET Products Microsoft has added a WEB services protocol to the. NET development tools and server systems where we can't introduce. NET products, but here are just a few important products: BizTalk Server 2000-which is considered the first of gates. NET product, developers use it to develop a set of transformation matrices, which, of course, are not used by every enterprise. NET products rather than Java or other systems. Microsoft has positioned BizTalk as a tool to connect different data systems. Passport.net-now offers more services than servers, and the passport system provides centralized warehousing and security features for individual and business transactions. When Microsoft's automatic upgrade kinetic energy automatically upgrades our MSN messengers and asks us to install passport.net, we will notice passport. Starting with XP, users who use the Microsoft operating system should be able to install passport.net to get the appropriate technical support. Visual Studio.net-vs. NET is cool, it has colored code for each programming language, it also supports Perl and Java, and it's easy to get technical support from Visual InterDev or FrontPage or Apache sites, of course, access. NET Server is the only way to fully obtain. NET technical support.. NET also supports the. NET Framework, Ado.net, vb.net, and C #, and now does not take the form of a dynamic connection library that consumes memory and CPU resources, but rather as a proven. NET class library.  

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