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Private Example 2: A Power Bureau leader's charging credential gadgets 0 Preface

As we get older, our memory is getting worse and worse. We just want to record some of our scattered private experiences. We can look back later and remember these small projects and technical points, we can also think of the past that deals with customers and friends.

I personally like to be practical and do not like to do research. This private cases series are all small tools, small applications, no advanced technology and complex processes. I always believe that the technology that can be applied to actual projects is a good technology.

Without making money, you can learn a lot about technology, but you are not proficient in it.

Without talking about society, the reality is that we can see the truth, but do not learn the bad.

1 Background

A friend of mine was a leader in a county-level power bureau in Jiangsu Province (by generation, my uncle). One afternoon a few years ago, he suddenly called me, after a few questions, I said, "When are you free ?"Program. I was flattered, confused, and promised. After the call, I found myself excited and forgot to ask him what small program he was going to do. I hurriedly asked my wife, uncle, how do I know that I will write a program. The wife said, it must have been another wine table where her dad helped you brag.

2 Requirement

A few days later, I received a call from the uncle and asked me if I had time at night to have a lunch and talk about the requirements of the mini program. I can. At in the evening, he asked the driver to wait for me at the door of my house. I was very scared, holding a notebook, and changing new clothes, so I hurried out. Sitting in the car, enjoying the scenery along the way is very pleasant. I came to the box on the second floor of a hotel and ordered six dishes. I didn't dare to smoke or drink. (I had to pretend to be honest in front of an adult.) I had a chat. My uncle and I talked about the requirements of the mini-program, uncle said: Our Bureau's facilities are relatively simple and we cannot afford software for the time being (software is not familiar in small places many years ago). Some people often go to our Bureau to pay electricity fees, if you want to print a billing credential, you can print out a piece of paper with a name, user ID, number of electric meters in the previous month, number of electric meters in the current month, power usage, and amount. Just fill in a stamp. I wrote down this sentence in my notebook. My uncle asked me how much it was, and I had a giggle in my heart. Think about it or not. He hurriedly said: Uncle, this program is very simple. You and my dad are friends. Forget it, don't pay.

3 Progress

When I got home, the next day, I used vc6.0 to write this small program and sent it to my uncle's QQ mailbox. I told him that it was finished by phone. You can try it out and I will modify it if there is any problem. If there is a problem later, the power should be calculated automatically, and the printed table should be adjusted to the next position. I modified it and sent it to my uncle. Finished.

4 Houyi

Uncle sent two soft Zhonghua messages to my dad. He said that the smoke could not be exhausted, and the program written by the Child helped me a lot. Later, a friend of mine drunk driving (at that time, it was not very strict with the local management), and I also asked my uncle to help me contact the court. My wife asked me to take the Civil Servant Examination.

5 Thoughts

Leaders in China are really delicious and mixed. Doing things is actually a matter of dealing with people and learning to be smooth. Simple things and small events cannot be ignored. You must be good at using the advantages of programmers to create benefits.CodeTo look up at the stars and try to find the brightest one.

6 Case


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