: gzip:stdin:unexpected end of File tar:unexpected EOF in Archive tar:unexpected EOF in archive

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libmcrypt-2.5.7 mysql-5.1.57.tar.gz
[ROOT@OSG work]# tar-zvxf php-5.3.10.tar.gz

gzip:stdin:unexpected End of File
Tar:child returned status 1
Tar:error is isn't recoverable:exiting now
[ROOT@OSG work]#

centos6.2 Decompression PHP Error

Sometimes it is extracted with tar. Errors are as follows:
gzip:stdin:unexpected End of File
tar:unexpected EOF in Archive
tar:unexpected EOF in Archive
Tar:error is isn't recoverable:exiting now
Reason: The source package was corrupted during the download process.
Another address to download (it is possible to download at another address is not possible, they are all the same source address, the proposal to change a few more)

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