. Net 4.0 dll running in multiple versions of UG NX

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DOTNET has multiple versions, such as 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0. Currently, the highest version is.

The DOTNET program is backward compatible, but not backward compatible. That is, the higher version can call the lower version program, but the lower version cannot call the later version program. (Of course, some methods can be called. This article is one of them ).

In this way, a problem occurs.

In version 1.x supported by UG xn4, UG nx5, nx6, and nx7 support 2.0 and 3.x. This is because 2.0 and 2.0 runtime libraries of DOTNET are used.

What is the Runtime Library runtime?

For example, the DOTNET framework is the basis of the C # program, and the runtime is the basis of the DOTNET framework. The basic information is the same. Of course, you can load a higher version with a lower version. In this way, nx6 can also run the 3.x DLL.

However, Runtime is not always the same. 2.0 and 3.x are just coincidences. The current version 4.0 updates the Runtime Library to runtime4.

Therefore, nx7 and earlier versions cannot directly call 4.x or later versions of DLL. Of course, the NX program is not developed in the DOTNET language, but the principle is similar. It calls the DOTNET mechanism. I have posted a blog post before. You can check it out.


You may have to ask, why do I have to use the 4.x or higher DOTNET language for development? Why don't we use 1.1 to develop nx4, 2.0, to develop nx5, 6, and 7 programs?

First, single-version development is the best! For example, a program developed with 1.1 runs on 4.x.

However, multi-version programs are obviously not suitable. Do I have to write a program with 1.1 and then compile the program on 2.0, 3. X? In this case, we cannot use the new features 2.0, 3.x, and later developed by DOTNET!

What a pity! Modern programming languages are becoming increasingly useful, and we can only use outdated methods ......


Of course, classic is always classic. You can also select C ++ as the development language and run it on multiple platforms. No problem!

But I really cannot stand the development efficiency of C ++!

I am not a professional programmer. I am a scientific engineer. At most I am an engineering technology enthusiast.

I don't have time to compile a page for a few days! It takes longer time to write an algorithm program than I did. What is the purpose of this ......


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